Murder, mystery and mayhem

I have  always wanted to do a Murder Mystery at an Inn. I have been looking into them for years, actually, but most were just too darn expensive.
When Sue and I decided to go away this March I looked into them again and found a perfect one at the Bernerhof Inn in Glen, NH.


I googled Murder Mystery weekends in New England the and the Bernerhof popped up.

I went under the Packages tab and found that they had 11 dates to choose from.

March 18-19
April 8-9
April 22-23
May 6-7
June 10-12
June 24-26
September 9-10
September 16-18
November 18-19
December 2-3
December 16-17

From the Bernerhof website:

Professionally curated Include-yourself Mystery Weekend for Two Includes:

2 nights deluxe accommodations in our Victorian Inn with amenities individually designed for every room!
Individually custom written Mystery character packets emailed so you can plan your thrilling entrance as your ‘character’
Dessert reception on Friday evening!
Full gourmet country breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings
Both evenings, Great fun in Black Bear Pub exclusively for our mysterious guests!
Candlelight Four Course gourmet Mystery Dinner
“Best Dressed & Funniest” Mystery Awards buffet breakfast on Sunday
package cost is: $499.00 per couple, plus tax, for ALL Rooms, book early and secure the best available!

Holy Smokes, you get your money’s worth for only $250 (not including tax) per person! This is honestly the best deal I have found so far.

Two weeks before our weekend we got an e-mail from Beth, the co-owner of Mystery NH, with three documents attached.
1. Introduction
2. Facts and Events
3. Your character profile

When I called and made reservations, Steve asks how involved you want your part to be. You can have just a small role or a large role and Beth will base your part on your answer.

The Facts include fashion ideas of the time period (ours was 1961) so I went on Amazon and bought a 1960ish.. dress with a pillbox hat, gloves and Sue had a mink stole for us to wear
On Friday night Beth meets with each one of you ( there was 16 of us) and goes over your character and answers any questions you may have.

I was a little apprehensive that I was not going to “do” what I was supposed to and screw up the game but Beth assured me this wouldn’t happen. There are no written lines to memorize, you just sort of improvise as you go along.

Sue and I were excited as we got dressed in our “costumes” and headed downstairs for dinner at 5:30 on Saturday night.

Wow, we were blown away by how amazing everyone looked! The men all looked so dapper and the ladies all lovely in their 1960’s dress.

We sat down for dinner and let the game begin!

Beth had given each of us “code words” to find certain people and I found my people fairly quickly.

Without spoiling the game for people who may do it in the future, we were sent on a chase around the Inn to find clues, figure out friend or foe and to solve the mystery.


Beth, her sister who was assisting and Steve were around the whole time. If they noticed people seemed stuck or not moving forward they would step in to help. Beth did a fabulous job of making sure the game moved along.

The game was hilarious as you are improvising as you are going and yet challenging at times when your clue had been stolen!

All in all the game took us about 4 hours to complete.

The only thing I would suggest is if you have any mobility issues you may want to ask in advance how physical the game is. In our game ( and future ones may be different, I don’t know) we were on our feet for 4 hours and climbing up and down 2 flights of stairs all night. All the ladies had their shoes off by the end of the game. So, if you have any health issues that may be impacted by being on your feet or walking up and down stairs, please inquire first.

We celebrated our success with a group drink and headed to bed victorious.

The next morning we all gathered for breakfast and Steve handed out gift certificates for best dressed, best character….and so on based on votes from each of us the night before.

The game and weekend was a ton of fun. Steve makes a wonderful host and Beth did a fabulous job with the game and keeping it flowing.

I would definitely do it again. Now that I know how it works and I have one under my belt, I think future ones will be even more fun

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Girl’s weekend away- Bernerhoff Inn

Sue and I were looking for a girl’s weekend away in March so I set out to see what there was to do In New England at that time of the year.


I found a Murder Mystery weekend at the Bernerhof Inn in North Conway, NH.

I will Blog about the Murder mystery tomorrow but the Bernerhof was so great in itself that I want to write about them separately.

Sue and I got to the Inn about 3:00 on Friday afternoon. It was about a two and a half hour drive from my house and we easily found our way to the Inn. It’s right on route 302, although set back a bit, and was very easy to locate.

The Innkeeper, Steve, greeted us a soon as we walked in the door and he immediately made us feel like old friends. He was so warm and engaging, perfect for his job as an Innkeeper. He gave us the lowdown of the weekend and gave us a tour of the Inn and its history.

The Inn has a walking trail right behind it so we decided to do a small loop with Holly, the owner’s dog leading. It was a nice way to stretch our legs after the drive.

We loved the fact that the Inn has a bar and a restaurant right there. After driving all day and needing to be back for 8:00 to meet the other players we opted to just stay right there and have a drink and dinner.

Warren manned the bar and took our dinner orders. He was calm and quiet, although playful and fun. The perfect host between leaving you your space but engaging when invited to do so.

Sue and I weren’t starving so we ordered the cheese plate and asked if we could split the Shrimp Scampi. Some places don’t like plate sharing but Warren said that wasn’t an issue.

The cheese platter was dinner in itself with an assorted array of cheese, crackers, meats and olives. All of my favorites!

The scampi was simple but homemade and delish. They even put it on two plates for us!

We relaxed in the dining room until it was time to meet and greet the other guests.

At 8:00 everyone gathered in the living area near the fireplace and one by one we met with Beth, who organized the Murder Mystery. She filled us in on our parts and what to expect.

When I came back in about 10 of the guests were playing Cards Against Humanity. I have never played but had heard tons about the game and have always wanted to.

OMG, if you want to meet people fast and break the ice you need to play this game. However, you can’t be shy to play this game!! It can be crude, rude and a little bit naughty (all in good fun, of course)

Many of the guests were repeat guests and knew Steve well so their hair was down! Steve played right along with us and we were up until about 1:00 AM playing cards. No one was pressured to play at all and some folks hit the hay earlier, but for the rest of us we were cracking up and having a hell of a time till the wee hours.

The room Sue and I had was a suite. It was two rooms connected by a French door. One had a queen size bed and the other a pull out couch. It was clean and decorated beautifully. The radio was playing 50’s music when we walked in and had little treasures that was the theme of our Mystery weekend. It was homey and cozy.

The bathroom has a HUGE Jacuzzi tub with a fabulous huge shower head. There was stain glass windows surrounding the tub and if I had time I could totally see spending some time in that tub soaking away your troubles. You could even invite a few friends if you really wanted to!

Some Inns can be noisy but the Bernerhof was not at all. We slept well and got up to a 4 choice breakfast. Most Inns have one item they serve all the guests for breakfast, but not Steve! You had your choice and he went with the flow if you had any substitutes or changes you wanted made.

There were also cider donuts that were the best from the local bakery next door. To die for!

Although Steve had a girl working breakfast he was right there greeting guests and making sure everyone was served and happy. Since he was up late playing cards with us he must not have had a ton of sleep but he was cheerful and didn’t skip a beat.

Sue and I had plans already for the day Saturday. Steve made sure we were all set for the day and didn’t need anything before we headed out on a Maple Madness Inn to Inn tour.

After a day out we returned to the inn and got ready for the evening’s fun. The tables were pushed together to make two long seatings.

The meal started with a Cesar salad, a soup and a pork loin with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

It was simple but a delicious home cooked meal with good friends.

Sunday morning we got up, had another yummy breakfast and Steve raffled off gift certificates for future stays for best characters in the Murder Mystery.

The weekend was exactly what I needed! A great place to get away and relax with no pressure and a host that is funny, witty and warm.

If you want to stay at a place that feels like a home away from home, the Bernerhof is the place for you!

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I have so many people come to me and say they don’t know what they want to do with their lives?


 But think about it, we are human beings, not human doings.

It feels like SO MUCH  pressure to try and figure out what to do.

So, think about who you want to be instead.

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What qualities do you want to have and be remembered for?

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Day 19 of my Whole 30 cleanse

Hey, hey!

Hi Guys, today is my 19th day doing the Whole 30 program.  How has it been going so far? So much better than when I first did it in March for 3 weeks.


Last time, I was super grouchy, my stomach was in shambles and I was super focused, almost obsessed, with food.


This time around there has been no grouchiness (due to food anyway. LOL), my stomach has been fine and I am not thinking that much about what I can and can’t eat.

I was better prepared this time and my thoughts about food have changed, I noticed. I used to want something yummy and if it wasn’t something I loved, I didn’t want it and wouldn’t eat it.

Now, I don’t care if I love it or not, I want it to be healthy.

What do I mean?

I am not a huge protein lover. I will eat meat and fish, but I don’t crave it or necessarily want it.  In the past, I would never eat meat and veggies for lunch because it wasn’t tasty to me. I would feel unsatisfied if I had that for lunch.

Now, I don’t care If my lunch satisfies me. I want something that is healthy and good for me. My view about food has totally changed for the better.

Last week I worked out with Steve and then I came home to have lunch. I realized I had steamed shrimp and veggies leftover and I had that. Was it a delicious tasting lunch? No, but it was healthy and I felt great eating a clean meal after working out hard.


I truly believe that doing the Whole 30 and detoxing is helping me to not want fattening, processed foods.

Have I had cravings? Yes.  But I treated those cravings like I did when I quit smoking. I know the craving will pass if I ride it out. I really was dying for some ice cream or frozen yogurt last week. I mentioned it to my aunt and she was all about going to get some. But even with a willing partner in crime I decided to ride it out and the craving for something sweet did indeed pass.

Have I cheated at all?

Yep. I went away with Dan last week to our friend’s Inn and she had delicious muffins and an egg in toast that I shouldn’t have eaten. I am not supposed to eat grains on this detox but I decided they were too delicious to pass up and I enjoyed every bite. I have also had coffee with cream when I couldn’t get access to almond or coconut milk.


You know what? It’s ok, I got right back on the horse the next day and I can’t believe that little bit would affect me that much.

I also worked out quite a bit on my vacation. In the past, I would’ve blown it off with the excuse that I am on vacation. Doing the Whole 30 made me not want to miss a workout! I worked out at Steve’s twice last week, hiked and then went to spin class in the same day.  We did some light hiking in Vermont too.

Instead of vacation being challenging it was a great week eating and working out wise. I had a few minor cheats that I chose to eat, but it was all ok.

So, for day 19 I am feeling great. I am not counting down the days when this is over like last time.


I am looking forward to half and half in my coffee again and I am eager to bring back grains but this time around has been a wonderful experience and I am glad I did it again.

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Andres Institute of Art

Hey Guys! I am back from vacation this week and have a cool place to tell you about!

A friend of ours told Dan about the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH and we have been wanting to check it out.

What is it?

It is miles of wooded paths with gorgeous sculptures along the way to check out.

From their web-site

“In 1996, engineer and innovator Paul Andres purchased Big Bear Mountain in Brookline, NH and moved into the house near the top of the mountain. Based on his lifelong love of nature and passion for art, Paul decided to purchase sculptures to place in the natural setting surrounding his new home.

Coincidentally, master sculptor John M. Weidman had been living in Brookline for many years. Not surprisingly, John’s skill as a sculptor became known to Paul and they began to work together to make plans for adding sculptures to the mountain. In 1998, they co-founded the Andres Institute of Art as a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.”

“As a result of the collective effort from these gifted artists, we now have over 72 thought-provoking original works of art nestled along walking trails all over the mountain in our 140 acre sculpture park. Our park contains miles of wooded trails, beautiful vistas, and peaceful settings. It is the combination of art and nature that makes a visit to Andres Institute of Art a unique and memorable occasion.”


Dan, Molly and I got to the park and started up the Picnic Trail.  Soon after walking we came upon this cool sculpture called “The Negotiation Table”


The Human –Boulder might have been my favorite.


Check out the Old Man in the Mountain’s new Home!

We walked for over an hour and I have to say some of these trails were steep! It is an old ski area after all, so I guess that makes sense.

The trails are beautiful and it was great to stop and see the next sculpture. There were no bugs at all and there were very few people, granted, it was 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon.

We missed the Southway Trail somehow, but we saw most of the rest of the park. You can bring in a picnic lunch and stop, catch your breath and take in the gorgeous views.

They even have seats you can sit in for a breather.

Look at this view

Molly was loving checking everything out and I can’t wait to go back when the foliage turns and see the rest of the sculptures that we missed.  It must be simply beautiful back there in the Fall.

Check out these perfectly groomed trails.


The park is open every day during the daytime hours and it is totally free!

I love finding cool places like this so close to home. Dan and I were talking that we have so many neat places near us that are free and get outside in nature.

The park is located at

98 Route 13, P.O. Box 226

Brookline, NH 03033

To call for inquires:  603-673-8441

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Whole 30- Mushroom and Garlic Soup

Hey you guys!

Day 7 of my Whole 30 program and it’s going great!


One thing that has helped me tremendously is Tessemae’s products that I have found.  I wrote the other day that I bought the Lemon and garlic dressing and the Garlic spread.

I used both of these products in my Mushroom and Garlic Soup recipe that I got off Tessemae’s web-site.


It was delish!

I have made mushroom soup many times in the past and it has always come out ok.  Kinda bland, but mushroomy…

This soup had a nice rich flavor of roasted garlic (I used more of the spread than instructed).

The soup was rich, warm and very fulfilling with a ton of flavor.


Whole 30 approved baby!

I have been eating it all week long and I am loving it.

With that said here is the modified recipe from Tessmae


Mushroom and Garlic Soup


What you need

2 tablespoons Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic
1 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped
coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves
3 tablespoons Tessemae’s Slow Roasted Garlic
1 pound cremini mushrooms, thinly sliced
1/2 pound shitake mushrooms stemmed, thinly sliced
1/2 pound white button mushrooms stemmed, thinly sliced
8 cups chicken stock
1 cup coconut milk
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Crumbled bacon (Optional)

What to do

  1. In a bowl, cover the dried mushrooms with 1 cup warm water and let soak until soft, about a half hour. Lift the mushrooms out of the liquid (so the grit stays in the bottom). Pour all of that flavored liquid through a paper towel or coffee filter into a bowl. Add the mushrooms back and wait to add them to the soup.
  2. Heat the Lemon Garlic in a large pot over medium. Add the onion, season with salt and pepper, and cook until tender. Stir in the Roasted Chopped Garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute.
  3. Increase the heat to high and add the sliced mushrooms. Cook, stirring, until the mushrooms are tender, about 5 minutes. Add the thyme, stock and the reserved soaked mushrooms with their liquid. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook until the flavors meld, about 30 minutes.
  4. Add the coconut milk or cream and puree the soup in batches in a blender or right in the pot with an immersion blender. Thin with water if too thick, simmer a little if too thin. Adjust seasoning with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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More of a cleanse than a diet- Whole 30

Hey friends: Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I decided to start the Whole 30 program again right after Labor Day. I gained a bunch of weight back this summer and just feel the need for a kick start.


I had a ton of people ask me at the dinner party about this “diet” but for me, it’s more of a cleanse than a diet. Yes, I will lose weight eliminating certain food groups but that is more of a side benefit for me than the sole reason for doing this.

I am eliminating:







I don’t eat much sugar, dairy, legumes or grains (during the week).  My down fall is wine and eating out too much on the weekends.  We ate out a ton this summer and I had a lot of wine and my body is feeling the effects.

Not only with weight gain though. I wheeze when I take a deep breath and my face has been broken out for several years now. I attributed that to hormones but it could be what I am eating.

Honestly, the Whole 30 program isn’t that much of a hard ship for me. I eat a lot of protein, veggies and fruit anyway. Steve asked me a few weeks ago since I am so close to doing it naturally why don’t I just commit to a month?


I started last week and I came across my first challenge. We had a pasta dinner dinner party to attend this past weekend.



I spoke with Dan about my concerns and we went in with a plan. I ate a small bowl of mushroom and roasted garlic soup I had just made ( recipe coming soon) before we went so I wasn’t starving and the apps wouldn’t be tempting me. Appetizers are my favorite and we tend to eat late at these parties so I knew if I didn’t eat something I would be in trouble. Worked like a charm!


Dan made a ton of roasted veggies that we brought to the party. He roasted peppers, cauliflower and broccoli with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I made sure I was first up to the veggies and took a huge pile.

I also loaded up on the salad someone else brought and I brought my own dressing. I put some a little in a small container and no one even noticed!

I just ordered Tessemae’s Cesar Dressing. OMG, so good and Whole 30 approved. I may be hooked for life. She has a ton of products and I already tried her garlic/lemon sauce, garlic spread, Cesar dressing  and I can’t wait to try the BBQ sauce! It’s all Whole 30 approved foods and so far all soooo good.


Anyway, then I had some of the meat sauce just on the plate without any pasta. I got my protein in with the burger without the  carbs from the pasta. I just ate it with a spoon. There may have been a bit of sugar in the sauce but honestly, I didn’t sweat it.

I have to tell you I was full and satisfied with my meal. I don’t usually drink at these parties anyway and I brought my Hint water with me and stuck to water all night.

Score for me!

I did decline a dinner invitation out to a restaurant that has the best deep fried fritters! I wasn’t so sure I could say no to them so I so I decided not to go.  I know my weaknesses!

I stayed home and had my Whole 30 approved Beef Stew.  It was delish!

The thing is you can still eat most foods but instead of milk/cream I use almond or coconut milk. Instead of flour to thicken stews I am using arrow root powder. Although you can have potatoes on whole 30 I opted not to use them in the Beef Stew.

I tried to explain to the ladies at the dinner party that I am not depriving myself I am just cooking differently.

Week one almost down and I don’t feel grouchy like I did when I did this for 3 weeks back in March. I am better prepared and I know so much more now.

Hopefully, my wheezing will clear, my acne breakouts will improve and in the meantime, shed some of the  belly fat I gained this summer.

But really, I am just eating healthier for my body and cleansing out the toxins..

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