Failing to Prepare






So yesterday was a hard day, I started my “better eating” not a diet. In the morning I had 2 Van’s Gluten Free Waffles.



Actually, pretty good. I had bought some maple butter while in Amish Country and i spread a tiny bit of that on both waffles. Yummy! Probably not the best choice for a topping but when I said a small amount, it really was. I don’t like overly sweet.

I had my first Shakeology Shake for lunch. A group of us from the gym is doing a 12 day challenge. So, I made a chocolate, maple syrup and almond butter shake and fat free milk. It was super chocolately, a bit much for my taste. Tasty, but over powering for me.

So, when i read about what snacks a re good to eat I went out grocery shopping. I bought string cheese and carrots and laughing cow cheese and my favorite, Brown Rice chips with Gaucamole. The Sweet Chili flavor is to die for!



And I ate all 3 snacks! The breakfast wasn’t enough and neither was the shake so I wound up over eating snacks. 

For dinner Dan made Cajun grilled shrimp with Cubanelle peppers fried in a tiny bit of olive oil. I had a few dark chocolate covered almonds for desert ( about 5) and 2 glasses of wine. 

I guess my first day could have been worse but I needed to be better prepared. I had been away on vacation and didn’t have what I needed to make better choices. 

Good thing today is a whole new day!





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