Spontaneous day with “the girls”

What a beautiful day today was! I started off the day great by making some home made steel oats and adding just a touch of the maple nut butter I bought in Pa. MM MM.

Molly ( my dog) and I met our friend RoseMary and Molly’s best friend, Haleigh at the dog park for a walk. After we did the 2 miles RoseMary suggested we go to Concord to the Old North Bridge and walk “the girls”.

Before we started off we went to our local road side eatery and got lunch.

I did try to choose well and got a small salad with chicken salad on top and the light Italian dressing. I know, I know, grilled chicken would have been a better choice but I really don’t love grilled chicken.

It was a gorgeous day and we walked along the river with the dogs and had a lovely afternoon. The dogs were very good girls and had a good time.

On the way home we passed by Kimballs in Westford. Well, we actually missed Kimballs in Carlisle and we went to the Kimballs in Westford. Come on, who can say no to Kimballs on a perfect, sunny Friday afternoon where I wasn’t at work?


I got a kiddie sized coffee oreo ice cream. This was no kiddie size but I ate every drop.

So, like you, I have choices to make and some are good ones and some are not. My eating didn’t go as planned but it was sort of a spontaneous day and it was fun!

To make up for my food choices during the day I am going to have a half of a chicken, onions and peppers wrap for dinner.

So, although my day didn’t go as planned the whole thing wasn’t blown. I enjoyed myself at lunch with a friend but will  eat lighter at dinner.

Kimballs, come on?????



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