Underwear don’t lie

Happy Tuesday!

I love Tuesday because I have my Spin class at the gym. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not the best spinner. I don’t have shoes that clip in, I have sneakers that go in “baskets”, my form isn’t the best and I don’t spin the fastest. I do what I can and am proud of what I have accomplished.

Why I love my Spin classes, though, is for the people who are in the class. The teacher, Dayna Mongelli, is fabulous and the people who take class have become friends that we are eager to see each week. That’s what gets me to go: not the class but the people.

A friend of mine was surprised at my waist measurement. She kept telling me I didn’t look like I had gained weight, but I told her when your underwear is thongs and they weren’t meant to be, you have gained weight! My clothes don’t lie.

Dayna was the one who had me try the shakes “Shakeology”. She used them and had great results (she looks fab). She is coaching a team of us on a 12 day challenge and is a wonderful motivator.

That’s Dayna running the Boston marathon.Even though she didn’t get to finish it she is a winner.


I am doing pretty well on eating better, but still need to watch snacks. Salt and crunch is my weakness!


I had 2 Vans Waffles for breakfast with a teaspoon of honey nut butter.


Individual bag of pistachios (Oh, they are not 100 calories, they are 130- Sorry!)


A chocolate Shake with mint extract and ice

String cheese

Roasted tomatoes with basil, garlic and a tablespoon of olive oil

I had a few grapes before hitting the gym. Maybe 5 of them.

I did buy a bag of Popcorn at the store and ate too much of it on the ride home after the gym. I didn’t have a full serving (4 cups) but I still had too much and need to watch my portions. Eating and driving is never good because I don’t pay attention to how much I have actually eaten. Could have been a worse snack though so…


Baked Cod


So, all in all a good Tuesday with some of my favorite people and good food.

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