Crazy for Coconut

I keep forgetting to talk about my morning coffee until my buddy, Kent, from the gym asked me about it yesterday.

Along with my breakfast I do have coffee in the morning. I have one cup while I am getting ready in the morning and another when I get to work.

A few years back I read an article about how what you drink can really up your calorie intake. I sort of blew this off as I drink no calorie drinks, and then I thought about my coffee. I was pouring ¼ cup of half and half into my coffee every day. Since I drink 2 cups of coffee that is a half cup of cream.  There are 20 calories in a Tablespoon of half and half and 1.72 grams of fat.  If I put ½ cup of this in my coffee every day, well you do the math…. It’s a lot of calories and fat I didn’t even think about.

I started experimenting with different creamer products. I used the fat free creamers, but they were filled with chemicals and not a healthy choice. Then I started using skim milk but it just wasn’t enjoyable because it’s so watery and who wants to drink something that you are not even enjoying?

Then I discovered SO Delicious Coconut creamer. This has half the calories and NO Fat. It’s also dairy free in case you are lactose intolerant.


Now don’t be fooled. I actually HATE coconut. I don’t like the taste or consistency of it- At all. This doesn’t taste like coconut. I wouldn’t know it was a non dairy creamer if I didn’t know.  Did that make sense? Well, you know what I mean. I LOVE the body of this creamer. It isn’t thick like a skim milk and waters down the coffee. It is a nice consistency that makes for a great cup of coffee, guilt free.

With all that being said here was my meal for the day.


Coffee with Coconut Creamer

Butter finger Shakeology Shake


5 grapes


Salad with a scoop of chicken salad on top and light Caesar dressing. Dressing just drizzled on top for taste. Not even a Tablespoon.


Handful of grapes and a few handfuls of light popcorn ( God, i can’t stay away from this)


Chicken tacos with lettuce and salsa- no cheese

I have also been drinking the 64 ounces of water and green tea ( see my products page for more about the tea). The water is fine but I hate being in the bathroom all day! Pretty soon my boss will be moving my desk in there.

Read my post tomorrow about “Here’s the real poop”

Note: I know the salad was a bit heavy on fat but I planned that. I was craving a salad so I made sure my breakfast, dinner and snacks were low in fat to make up for it. I also am trying to only eat carbs at one meal so I chose mine for dinner.

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One Response to Crazy for Coconut

  1. Kent says:

    Can’t wait to read what ‘The Poop’ story is all about…!!!

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