Girls only weekend!

I had a very busy but fun weekend. My friend, Wendy, came to visit and we checked out places that I have been dying to go to, but just haven’t gotten there. Sometimes having company gives you just the excuse you need!

Saturday, we went to the Anheuser- Busch factory Tour in Merrimack, NH. I have wanted to go but just never do it. So, off we went on Saturday. The best part about it is it’s FREE!

Anheuser-Busch brewery tour

We toured the facility, which was immaculately clean and sampled some of their products. You are allowed 2 drinks each. I DO NOT drink and drive ever. My biggest fear would be to hurt my passenger or an innocent person, so I never do it.

I had a Shock Top (My favorite) and a sip of a raspberry Margarita concoction just to taste it.

We then we went to see the Clydesdales- beautiful animals and their stalls are gorgeous! Worth going just to see them. Our last stop was the gift shop which had some great gift ideas and we both agreed the prices were reasonable.

My friend Pam joined us for dinner and we had a girl’s night with Dan cooking us a yummy meal.

Saturday Meal Plan




Scrambled eggs


Wheat toast

Shock top beer




Grilled peppers

3 beers

So, I over indulged at dinner a bit. I haven’t had a girl’s night in so long and it was so nice to have a fun evening and let loose.

Sunday, Wendy and I went to the Outlet malls in Merrimack, Nh. I had never been and we passed them the day before going to the Bud factory. We both wanted to see what stores were there so we headed out Sunday morning.

It was bigger than I expected and very clean! Wendy found a few great things but I just window shopped. I will definitely go back.

Sunday food Journal




Auntie Anne’s pretzels (my Fav)


Half BLT

Chicken and veggie soup



Popcorn (bought more)


Leftover Thai (pork with veggies) – no Rice

All in all not a bad weekend for eating, but definitely could have been better. I know I need to learn how to eat better when I am out and when I am distracted by good company and I eat without thinking about how much I am eating/ drinking.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hope you have a great Monday.

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