Flying Solo

Happy Friday at last! Don’t weeks before holidays seem like the longest ever?

 Today was my first day in 12 days of not drinking a Shakeology shake at least once a day.

 I was actually a little intimidated having to make smart choices and not just reaching for a shake that is already good for me! Someone asked me what I was going to do once I stopped eating the Shakes.

 I know I won’t eat a Shake forever, that’s just not reasonable. However, I wanted to kick start some weight off in a healthy way and then make smarter food choices.

That is what the Shakeology has really helped me with. Looking at what I am choosing and how much of it and really planning. Weight loss, to me, is all about planning. You can splurge, but not at every meal. You can have your favorite foods, but not 3 bags of them or a whole box.

 Today as I was making my food choices the key for me was looking ahead in the day. I am at breakfast now, what am I thinking about for lunch? When I am at lunch I am contemplating what we might possibly have for dinner and work around that. This is working for me.

 I am trying to keep carbs limited to one meal only so I knew we had left over Thai food that we would most likely eat tonight.

 So for breakfast I had a flourless peanut butter muffin and some raspberries

 Lunch was a southwest chicken soup with beans and corn (no grains) and a salad with sugar free dressing from Maple Grove Farms. I love them!


I had cinnamon almonds as a snack and a few grapes and blueberries when I got home.These 100 calorie packs are the best!

For dinner I will have the Green Curry Brown Rice. I will have a small portion instead of finishing the whole container and it is a healthy grain as it is Brown rice.

 Before I did this 12 day challenge I didn’t think about the next meal or the one I had before it. It was all about his one and what I wanted now! I am learning to choose differently and not to deprive myself but to incorporate it without completing over eating.

 Stay tune this weekend where I will post my final numbers from the Shakeology challenge.

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