Ok, I need to vent.

 I love my Tuesday night spin class. I look forward to it all week long and I never blow this class off because I don’t feel like going.

 I love seeing the people in class: teacher and fellow “spinners” and how I feel when I am through with class.

 Today I was all ready for class. My bike was booked, clothes were packed and I was ready to see everyone and work off that ice cream sundae I had yesterday. OMG, did I just admit that to you?

 About an hour before class Dan told me had something to do. This would be ok, but my Dad is staying with us and it would leave him alone for too long. He has Alzheimer’s and I wouldn’t feel right leaving him to go to the gym for a few hours. My co-worker told me I had to go home and that some day he wouldn’t be here and that’s just what I needed to do.

 This is how I felt.


 Don’t get me wrong, I love to have my Dad here. We have a ton of fun and I enjoy his company. I just really needed a workout and this is the one thing I do all week for myself that I really enjoy.

 I decided to go to the dog park instead as I would only be gone an hour instead of 3. I admit I was in a pretty pissy mood when I got there. I was angry and disappointed and I planned on being irritated the whole walk.

 Right from the get go my mood changed. The walk turned out hilarious with “flying beagles and puggles”. Long story but Mike, Nancy, Rosemary and I had a great laugh about it the whole walk. My mood definitely lightened and I was glad I went.

 Have you been disappointed by something recently that put you in a mood?

 Food Journal Tuesday



Flourless peanut butter muffin




Salad with grilled chicken on top

Sugar free dressing


Rest of raspberries

Fried green cubanelle peppers




3 pieces of left over Mediterranean pizza (olives, artichokes, spinach, mushrooms, feta cheese)

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