Heat Wave!



 Please don’t send me hate e-mails when I say this.

 I hate the heat!

 I know it has been cold all winter and we had the coldest Memorial Day weekend ever (not sure about that but) I just can’t take the heat as I age.

 I have been waking up at 3:00 a.m. now for months and I can barely get back to sleep. I throw the covers off because I am roasting (my Grandmother’s word. LOL) and then I freeze and put them back on. I finally settle for one leg under the covers and one leg out!


Both legs out of the covers,
too cold.
Both legs in the covers,
too hot.

One leg out, one leg in,

 I actually didn’t hate the temperatures last weekend. I would have loved to see the sun, but I love the cool air. We had a fire in the fireplace and I loved it. I am dreading the next 4 hot and humid days.

  I hate getting out of the shower and being hot already. Trying to peel my pants over my thighs because I am hot and sweaty already and they are sticking. I have naturally curly hair which turns into this before I even leave my house.


I wore a dress to work today because I couldn’t bear to wear pants in this weather. My hair was not dried this morning and I slicked it back it a little ponytail. Not glamorous, but it was comfortable.

 I did the 2.5 mile walk around the dog park tonight and was tempted to jump into the river with the dogs! They looked so cool, I was envious. I do love to swim, though, and we have a 3 acre, spring fed pond across the street from us. I will be hitting that up this weekend with a good book and perhaps a friend.

 So, there is one thing I like about the heat.

 Oh, actually 2. My dog loves to play “the hose game” I spray the hose as hard as I can and she blasts herself in the face with ice cold water. She lets her mouth fill up with water so her cheeks puff out and then she spits it out. What’s hilarious, though, is if I try to spray her with a tiny spray bottle, she is terrified and cowers.

 We both have a ton of fun with this game and it can amuse us for a while!


2 scrambled eggs – no cheese

Raspberries – had to throw out half due to mold



130 calories pack of pistachios



Small chicken noodle soup

Small salad



Package of carrots

Popcorn (I KNOW!)




Grilled orange pepper


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