Stressed out!


This is the first week off the Shakeology and I have to admit I am slipping back into bad eating habits already.

 I have had a lot of stress lately and I am leaning towards comfort foods this week: carbs with fat….

 I definitely recognize what is going on. I am eating popcorn, oatcakes, tortilla chips…. Not good and I know it! When I am stressed out I reach for these types of foods. I was more able to stay away from them when I was doing the shakes. I am trying to make some better choices but it’s not good enough. I never used to eat when I was stressed out; I would do the opposite and not eat. I noticed when I hit my 40’s that changed.

 It isn’t actually the main meal I am blowing but more snacking in between. I am eating too much of it and not good choices.

The good news is that I recognize this.

My favorite saying is “ You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge” I forget who quoted that but it is so true. If you don’t even see it, how can you make it different?

 So, I do see it and I am going to do another round of the Shakeology. I also need to do some research to find healthier snacks that will satisfy me. I bought fruit and veggies but I don’t love them and just don’t want them. I need to find snacks that I might enjoy and limit my portions! Blogging about it to you sure helps!

 Wed Food Journal



2 Vans waffles with maple nut butter





Half a grilled chicken wrap

Tortilla chips (too many)




Oat cakes



Grilled shrimp



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One Response to Stressed out!

  1. Colleen Powers says:

    These are pretty good… I love the jalepeno ranch:
    I love chocolate chip cookie dough or apple pie Larabars too for some healthier snacks!

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