Dinner Mishap!

 Farm Table Exterior

On Friday night Dan and I made reservations at The Farm Table at Kringle Candle in Bernardston, Ma. We had read very good reviews about it and the pictures on the web-site looked beautiful: both the place and the food.


Apparently the restaurant is owned by the son of the man who owns Yankee Candle in Deerfield, Ma. Who knew?

 We arrived at 7:30 exactly on time for our reservation. We were quickly seated in a beautiful dining room with a large open fireplace in the middle of the room and an old fashioned atmosphere. There were some parties in the room but not overly crowded.


After looking at the menu I ordered grilled scallops and Dan ordered the special, seared cod with clams. We each started off the meal with salads and their delicious olive bread and oil.

 I had the Allagash beer and Dan had the best iced tea either of us had ever had. It was a non sweetened black currant tea. Delicious, I would love to know how they made it.

 As we finished our salads we chatted about our trip to Western Mass and how lovely the area is. Our waiter said the food should be out shortly.


After about a half an hour we both looked at our watches and noticed the food was taking a little while to get here. Dan had watched another couple that had come in after us already get served their food. Our waiter, Ryan, came by and told us it should be ready in about 5 minutes.

 At 8:40 as we were contemplating what to do the food arrived. Dan asked what the issue was and Ryan said that our slip got lost but the desserts were on the house.


I have to say the dinners we had were one of the best meals we have had in a long time. We did wolf it down because we were ravenous and it was so late I would have loved to have enjoyed the meal more and perhaps with a glass of wine but, Molly was alone at the B&B and we were anxious to get back to her.

 We told Ran neither one of us were dessert eaters so we would pass on the complimentary desserts. He said the chef sent his apologies and that Ryan was going to take one of our meals off the bill. He came back and took my scallops off the bill.

 Dan and I have both worked in kitchens in the past. He in Stowe, Vt and myself on Cape Cod. Things happen and restaurants have bad nights or mishaps. It’s a shame it happened but the atmosphere was lovely and the food was incredible.


As Dan said mistakes happen, it is how the establishment handles the mistake that is important. They acknowledged the mistake and took care of it. The meal they took off the bill was $28.00!

 We both agreed we would definitely go back and give it another whirl.  I would recommend the Farm Table at Kringle Candle if you want great food, a nice atmosphere and a staff that if you aren’t satisfied will rectify that.

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