Fitness Challenge

Hello Friends! Monday again, it comes so quickly doesn’t it?

I am going to be starting up my Shakeology shakes again, hopefully this week. I really enjoyed taking the decision making out of one meal a day.  Plus, they were yummy, which helps!

I have also joined a fitness challenge at work that coincides perfectly with the shakes. The challenge is about doing 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. We have formed teams and the team that exercises the most in this 6 week challenge wins dinners for a charity. I figure I can do this!

I either go to the gym and take a class or walk the dog 2.5 miles. It is rare I don’t do some form of exercise at all. I even asked my friend if she wanted to walk on our lunch hour ( half hour) and eat later so we could get in some extra “miles”, Even though I do exercise the goal of this fitness challenge was to also see how you could push yourself to increase what you already do. At first, I refused to do anymore. I workout 7 days a week, how could I possibly do more and why should I? But then I thought, why not? Why am I being so resistant to doing more?

Tonight I went to my step aerobics class at my gym. The teacher is hilarious and I like being distracted by having to pay attention to the “steps”. I am so bored by a weight lifting class, I know weights are good for muscle and especially for women in their 40’s but it bores me to death! I am planning to go to the Barre class again, hopefully, more regularly so that will work my muscles. I am very flabby…..

 So, I’ll let you know tomorrow if we walked at lunch instead of eating.

Monday Food Journal


Flourless Peanut butter muffin



Salad with grilled chicken



Cinnamon almonds


Leftover Thai food (curried pork and veggies with brown rice)

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