What I did instead of working out


It’s finally Friday!!

What a long week this week was and yet in some odd way it kind of went by quick. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I did it again. It was pouring when I left work and I used my “it’s raining” excuse not going to the gym. BOOO.  I know, I just hate going when it’s raining. I have, however, walked at lunch and at night this week so I have gotten extra exercise so I don’t feel too badly for not working out. I seriously almost do something daily, be it the gym or walking in the park. I can forgive a night off.

I did use the time that I would normally work out to bake. I made flourless raspberry muffins and flourless peanut butter and chocolate chip Blondies. I haven’t had the muffins yet, but my 22 year old step son said they were good. The Blondies were either too hot when I tried a piece or I needed to let them cook a little bit more. They are delicious but a little squishy? I’ll have to try them when they cool off a bit more. Mine don’t look as dense as the picture. HHMMM, wonder why?


Tomorrow I am going to make a Mexican Tortilla soup (it’s on my recipe page) and an egg bake.  If the egg thingy turns out well I will share the link from where I got it. It looks delicious so I anticipate it being yummy. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so it will be a good day to cook and get some work done.

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Casserole

What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday Meal Plan



Chocolate Shakeology




Salad with grilled chicken




String cheese



Cheese and salsa Quesadilla

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