Early Morning Cuddle- not with who you think!

I woke up today to a wagging tail and Molly “creeping” over to me. She gets so happy on the weekends to see us awake. She loves to cuddle and play before we get up. I do the cuddling with her and Dan does the play.


Look at the size of her! Did I ever tell you we had to buy a King size bed to fit all 3 of us? That’s a story for another day.

I thought it was going to be raining and thought we would be missing our 10:00 morning walk in the dog park, for sure. The sun came out and off we all went to meet up with our friends. Molly was itching to get out because we did miss our walk last night due to the rain.

After the walk I made my Chicken Tortilla Soup that is on my recipe page. Although the original version is delicious I made a few modifications this time. After I threw all the ingredients in to a pot and let it simmer for a while I decided to pulse it through the Quisinart to make a chunkier version. I did it in batches and added in the cilantro here.

After it was all pulsed I shredded the roasted chicken I had and added that along with the lime juice. Even thought the recipe didn’t call for it I added a can of sweet corn. I poured out the juice and simply add the kernels.

I came out so well if I do say so myself. The flavors of coriander, cumin, cilantro and lime just make your mouth dance with flavor. I don’t go by my measurements in the recipe; I just taste and keep adding. There is a ton of spices and lime juice in my soup.

MMM MMM so good and healthy for you! I also use low sodium chicken stock and tomatoes (I cheated and used canned). I am on a cooking my own meals kick after realizing how much I didn’t know is in bought foods.

After tasting this soup all day I met the “crew” again for our 5:00 walk in the dog park.

After the walk Dan and I went to Johnson’s for dinner and I had a BLT on rye. I admit Dan and I split a small onion ring.  I had my shake for breakfast and tacos for lunch. I definitely struggle to eat well on the weekends.

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