Potential Contest?

Happy Monday, Everyone!

 I had a tough workout tonight. I just really struggled through step aerobics the whole time. I had a hard time hearing the moves she was calling out and I just generally couldn’t keep up. I still worked up a sweat, but it was hard tonight!


So, I know I have already posted our cafeteria meals and the calories and fat content on my Blog, but it was so helpful I am going to do it once a week just to raise awareness. Yet again, I was astounded at the calories and fat in some of these meals, never mind sodium content! I will post about that another day as it can be a topic all on its own!

 So here we go.


Chili with beef (16 ounces) – Calories/ 540   Fat/27 grams  


Baked Chicken Ziti – Calories/ 910  Fat/ 29 grams


Polenta with spicy Veggie topping – Calories/ 610  Fat 31 grams


Chicken BBQ & Red Onion Panini – Calories/ 320   Fat 6 grams


Chicken Noodle Soup (16 ounces) – Calories/ 300   Fat 11 grams


Lemon Tarragon Chicken salad Sandwich – Calories/ 430  Fat 14 grams



Would anyone have guessed the Baked chicken ziti would have that many calories and fat? It’s baked! It must be the cheese that adds the calories? How much cheese is in it?

 Look at the Polenta. Isn’t that just corn? How is that so bad for you? Even the chicken noodle soup isn’t much better for you than the chicken salad and that has mayonnaise. I’d rather eat the sandwich than the soup for those calories.

 I have now gotten into the habit of perusing our café menu every Monday. It has gotten me to start making my own lunches. I made Chicken tortillas soup and an Egg casserole this weekend. Oh! And if I do say so myself, those raspberry muffins that I mentioned the other day are delicious!! Yummy..

 So, I may do this every week just so you know that not everything is as good as it seems or even as bad. I thought the Panini would be worse but it isn’t.

 Maybe I’ll have a contest and let you guys guess which meal is worse.


Monday Food Journal



Flourless Raspberry muffin






Mexican Tortilla Soup

Handful of popcorn




More popcorn – you know me with salt. I can’t resist!



Grilled Cajun shrimp

Grilled peppers

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