A year or so ago I went to the Northampton Wellness Center in Northampton, Ma and met with, Michelle, a family nurse practitioner, specializing in integrative medicine.  She is especially skilled in women’s health care, preventive medicine, nutrition, chronic illness, and allergy. I wanted to be tested for food allergies as I had had stomach issues and bloating.

I was tested for food allergies and it came back that I have a mold allergy. So, any food that is mold based like: vinegar, mushrooms, beer, wine, olives, cheese… anything at all that I like basically.  What I loved about Michelle, though, was that she knew it was unreasonable to ask people not to eat what they like but to try and eat it every 4th day. So if I have cheese today I should try not to have it for another 4 days.  It has been challenging for me because I eat a salad almost every day at lunch. So, this has certainly been a struggle for me.

I also complained of being tired and kind of “in a fog”.  As I am in my mid 40’s she tested my hormone levels and discovered that I had almost no Testosterone. Now when you think of testosterone one usually thinks more of men, but believe it or not, women need it too.

Symptoms of low Testosterone in women include:

  • loss of sexual desire and sensation
  • lack of energy
  • dull moods
  • dry skin
  • brittle hair and loss of muscle tone.
  • Other effects include decreased red blood cell production, loss of bone calcium and urinary incontinence due to the loss of muscle tone in the bladder.

I was put on a medication that you just rub on but it didn’t really seem to do much for me so I stopped using it when it ran out. I probably needed a stronger dose but since the Wellness Center is so far from where I live I just haven’t gotten back there. I have an appointment at the end of June that I am determined to keep.

Hormones can go crazy when women are in their 40’s so if you are feeling tired, can’t sleep, moody or lack of energy you may want to get your hormone levels checked.

I believe in alternative medications so I sought the help of a doctor who uses homeopathic medicines along with Western Medicines. This is simply a personal choice and you must choose who feel comfortable using. Many people asked me how I found this center. Dr Elson, who founded the Wellness Center, was mentioned in Suzanne Somer’s book “Knockout”.

I also knew someone else, by pure coincidence, who sees him for a disease and swears by him.

Wed Food Journal





Popcorn (I finished off the bag)


Home made Mexican Tortilla Soup


Chocolate cookies



Grilled Pork chop with inions and mushrooms



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