Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Happy Father’s Day!

Yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden with my friend, Rosemary. She had bought a groupon for it and since it was such a nice day we decided to go check it out. Neither of us had been and we were eager to see it.

Of course we walked “the girls” first in the dog park.

Since Rosemary had bought the Groupon I wanted to buy her lunch. Guess what we passed on the way to Tower Hill?

Right, Kimballs! Well, how could we not stop? We both really wanted the Fish & Chips but we decided to eat lighter so we could get an ice cream on the way back. There was a method to our madness. I got a grilled cheese & chips and Rosemary got a BLT and coleslaw.

The Gardens were beautiful! We didn’t really know where to begin and when we asked the lady said to just start anywhere. There were so many gorgeous flowers, bushes and trees. The paths all connected and there were many places to sit and relax or take pictures. There were lots of families and older people and it was laid out really well for pit stops.

There was a pretty Gazebo by the Wildlife Refuge Pond and we saw some geese with their babies. I was afraid they might hiss and attack but they must be used to people as they barely noticed us.

After the Gardens we met up again with the rest of the group and took another walk around the dog park. That was AFTER we went to Kimballs again and had a kiddie cone. Who are they kidding; they’re huge!

We had a quick bite to eat at Tiny’s (I had a salad) and of course we were in home in time to watch the Bruins win the game. GO B’s!!!

Sunday, morning we opened Father’s day cards and we walked the dogs. We were going to go into Boston for the day but we thought it was going to rain so we put it off for another time. Then it was off to run errands and have breakfast at the Ugly Omelet. They have great food! Danny and Dan went off on a mission and then we walked the dogs again at 5:00. We are having a nice dinner tonight. I bought Dan his favorite; swordfish and asparagus and I am having steak. It’s a bummer he has to cook his own meal but he loves to cook and didn’t mind. I offered to go out to dinner, but he would rather stay home.

I am not doing well with my eating at all. I am doing the Shakeology but the weekends are killing me. We tend to eat out a lot and I just don’t make good choices for food or the places we choose to eat. I think what I need to do is not only journal about what I eat but the emotion I feel when I am about to eat. I have heard that helps a lot.

I thought I needed to make better snack choices, but the realty is, I need to make better choices all around.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that all you Dad’s had a great father’s Day.

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4 Responses to Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  1. Kent says:

    Yeah Karen it sounds like we need to relegate you to bread and water until you can gain some food discipline..!!!

  2. Pam says:

    Maybe water and flourless PB muffins? lol Hey, I wanted to tell you I passed along your website for recipes! I was looking for the Almond Butter in the Hannaford in Rindge, NH and the manager asked what I was making with it – she was so excited that there are recipes out there that are yummy – with no flour!

    • karenmregan says:

        Kent:   That’s awesome- thank you! You just gave me a great idea too  about reaching out to Super markets and promoting my Blog there. I know Hannaford has a magazine that maybe I can get my name into. I hadn’t thought of that until you just mentioned it. Thanks for the idea.  

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