Rush to the Vet!


Oh Boy, what a way to spend a Monday.

 Molly has been coughing a little lately and hacking up some spit. She does this every year around this time and it usually just goes away.

 We woke up this morning and as soon as Molly got up she began really coughing. More than she normally does. We were a bit concerned and thought about taking her to the vet but we decided to see how she was when we got home.

 Dan called Danny during the day to see how she was and she was just lying down. I did make an appointment for her on Thursday as she was due to go anyway for her annual visit.

The first clue something was really wrong was that Molly didn’t come downstairs when we got home. If she isn’t already down there she comes as soon as she hears us and dances and carries on like we have been gone for a month. I ran upstairs and she was on the bed with her ears down and she rolled over and started coughing. Badly…

 She had this “bark” when she coughed and a terrible guttural wheeze like we have never heard before. I immediately cancelled going to the gym and called the vet to see if we could get in tonight. Luckily, there was a cancellation so we grabbed that. That meant no “emergency visit” with an extra $75.00 tacked on the bill.

 Molly is a complete baby. When we get her nails trimmed you’d think she was being tortured. She won’t get out of the back seat and the lady has to come to the car and do them. Molly shakes and cries and the lady has barely touched her yet. So bringing Molls to the vet is a stressful event for all of us. Dan gets nervous because his baby is not feeling well and I am stressed because they are stressed out.

 Molly weighs 76.4 pounds! That’s good for her stature. She did calm down a bit going in and she was a trooper with the 3 shoots she needed. They ruled out Kennel Cough and the diagnosis for the cough was asthma. It makes sense because poor Molly is always rubbing her eyes. They look a bit puffy and she has stuff in the corners that we wipe away quite frequently. So, it makes perfect sense that she has allergies. They put her on prednisone to kick it and then we can just give her an OTC medication as needed.

 Jeeze Louise, what a Monday night.

 How does your pet react at the vet?

Monday Food Journal









Roasted Chicken and vegetables



Mixed fruit (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries)




A half a grilled chicken and vegetable wrap

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2 Responses to Rush to the Vet!

  1. Kent says:

    Karen… I hope Molly is feeling better.. And good job only having half a wrap.!!!

    • karenmregan says:

      Thanks, Kent. Mollysi better. She has asthma, which I am not surprised at all. Her eyes itch all them time and her nose runs so it makes sense.   As far as the half of wrap, that’s Dan’s influence. I would wolf down the whole thing left on my own devices!   

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