Having Fun yet?


How much fun do you have?

 Yeah, you, I am speaking to you. Don’t look around and see if someone else is around.

 I have given many classes on Finding Your Passion. It is my most popular class. I get men and women, old and young coming to look for their passion. Whenever I ask people what they do for fun often times I get blank looks.

 Fun? Isn’t that for kids?  I don’t have time for fun. I work, clean the house, run errands, cook, and chauffer, do laundry and even clean up after the dog. You want to know if I have fun?  Really?

 I went to an eye doctor many years ago and he asked me what I do for fun. He likes to know the different ways people use their eyes. I told him I thought it was a great question and that I am a Life Coach and this often comes up as a topic. People have lost their passion and fun in life.

 He told me the story that he asked one of his patients what they did for fun? The woman burst into tears and said she didn’t do anything fun anymore. She used to love to paint but gave it all up when she got married and had children. She said she misses it terribly but didn’t realize it until he asked her what she did for fun. 2 weeks later he received a painted picture in the mail from her. She was thanking him for getting her back to her beloved passion and fun: painting. She said she couldn’t believe how good she felt doing something she loves doing. She felt alive again!

 I try and make it a point to do something fun every weekend. It could be small like take my book and dog to the pond and just chill out for a few hours. This weekend I am going to a vintage bazaar with a friend and was invited to a pool party cook-out on Sunday. That’s fun for me. I love to connect with people. A great weekend for me is spending time with a friend; I don’t really care what we do. Walking in the dog park with our clan is also fun for me. We walk, talk, sometimes bitch and often laugh. I feel happy after we walk.

 I notice I feel angry when I haven’t done anything “fun” on a weekend. I am grumpy all week and I feel “off”.

 Having fun is essential to our health and happiness. I encourage you to figure out what fun is for you. It isn’t the same for all of us. Try and do one fun thing on a weekend and see how you feel when Monday rolls around. I don’t dread it as much.

 I also want you to know that my house is not spotless. It isn’t dirty but you can’t eat off my floors. I will forgo house keeping having fun. There are times you have to do it, I get, but it isn’t my top priority: fun is.

 Dan is going to Stowe, Vt this weekend to visit his old childhood buddies. I am so excited that he is going. I don’t want him to leave but I do think he needs more fun and that’s the place he loves the most and has fun. They play cards, meet at the basketball courts and rib each other. It’s like they are 17 years old again. None of them drink; they simply enjoy each other’s company. I can see the difference in Dan when he comes home from Stowe.

 What do you do for fun? Do you make it a priority? What gets in your way of having fun?

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