Fun Filled Weekend!

 Happy Hot Summer, Friends.

 Wow, summer came in with a heat wave! Very hot this weekend.

 Dan went away for the weekend and I actually did a lot of fun things this weekend. I want to wait and post about them and see if I can post the pictures I took. Not sure how to down load them off the camera.

 I do want to talk about my Sunday “process”. Every Sunday I go to the grocery store and buy all the thing I need for breakfast and lunches during the week. I try to think out my meals and buy and cook accordingly. Most of My Sundays are spent for cooking and prepping meals for the heat.

 With the heat this weekend, though, I was not about to turn on the oven so I had to find cooler recipes. I still had to buy and prep them.

 My grocery list for the week

 Coconut creamer

Fruit (grapes, strawberries)


Coconut milk


Goat cheese

Roasted chicken






For tomorrow’s lunch, I am having a Watermelon Salad with arugula, goat cheese and walnuts. I got the recipe from and it looks so refreshing and light.

 Check this out, doesn’t it look fab?


I also washed some grapes and washed and cut up celery for tomorrow.

 I was going to make the tropical mint smoothie that I posted on Friday but I never got around to it this weekend. I may make it in the morning for breakfast, we’ll see.

 Do you have a Sunday ritual to get ready for the upcoming week?

Visit my web-site for recipes, fashion, fun and free stuff and whole lot more.

Stay cool!

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