Pettengill Farm

My friend, Pam, and I had a blast at the Vintage bazaar at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Ma.

We headed out early with directions from MapQuest and headed out towards route 495. Just as I was about to get on in Littleton, Pam yelled, “don’t get on the highway”. I looked over to my left and the traffic was stopped dead. I mean a parking Lot. So, Pam pulled out her handy dandy Smartphone (I gotta get me one of these) and plugged in directions to the farm by an alternative route. The kind lady told us every turn to take and 2 hours later we arrived without fail. It should have taken us an hour and 10 minutes but we never would have gotten there if we had stayed on the highway.

It was a warm day, not as muggy as the past few, but warm. We wandered around to the various booths, but you know me, I wanted food!

Pam got a meatloaf sandwich and I got a chicken salad sandwich. They came with chips and a drink. It was good, but to me, not worth $9.00.

The bazaar had vintage pieces, antiques, jewelry… you name it.

There was also a woman from HGTV, Cari from Cash and Cari? I have never seen the show but Pam got her picture with her. We met a celebrity!

Pam was looking for an owl treasure she could wear. We looked for pendants but they didn’t have any. At the end of our day she finally found an owl bracelet. It was really cool!

I didn’t buy anything, typical me, except food. Oh yeah, we got pizza after the sandwiches. It was so good! I did not get an ice cream though so I was proud of myself.

It was a nice day of poking through cool things, taking a ride through towns we wouldn’t normally see and spending time with a friend on a hot summer day.

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One Response to Pettengill Farm

  1. Pam says:

    That was fun! Perfect weekend adventure. Ya, ate too much (and too much $$$ – 4 bucks for that ice cream) but love my owl bracelet! Thanks for a fun day, Karen – let me know when you get your smartphone. You can show me how to get photos off it! Lol

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