Northampton Wellness Center


Happy Wednesday!

 I had a follow appointment with Michelle at Northampton Wellness Center. The last time I met with her I was complaining of being tired, foggy headed and I wanted to know about food allergies.


It has been over a year since I have seen her (Too long!) and today I spoke about being too fat and not being able to sleep at night.

 Remember I told you the last time I was there I was low on Testosterone? I said what she gave me to try and help didn’t really do anything for me. A month isn’t long enough and I should have stayed with it longer but I didn’t. So today she is having me try an OTC Progesterone cream. Hopefully this will increase my energy and help me sleep.


She also gave me Melatonin. I had been taking it but she said to take between 1-6 pills at night! I was taking 2 a night so that may not have been enough. She also gave me Cortisol manager to help promote sleep. I go to sleep at about 10:00 and wake up between 2-3 and often times can’t get back to sleep. The lack of sleep could also attribute to some weight gain (although I doubt it, let’s be real)

 Michelle also gave me Chromium to try to help curb sugar cravings. While I don’t crave sweets I do crave carbs which just really turn into sugar. Michelle suggested I cut back on carbs and eat them at only one meal. I was planning to do this anyway so I am glad her advice matched up with my plan!

  So, I will post a follow up soon and let you know how it’s all going.


Food Journal


Tropical Mint Smoothie (Not a fan) I didn’t like the consistency


Grapes and cinnamon almonds


Taco bell – 3 tacos but didn’t eat the shells = almost no stuffing in the shells and was still hungry



Chocolate covered almonds


Beef taco salad

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