White socks and sneakers


When did it become nerdy to wear white socks that come to your ankles that fold down once?

 As I was waiting for my class to start at the gym Monday night I was looking around at people’s feet. I quickly noticed that I was the only one wearing these types of socks and compared to everyone else they looked ridiculous.

 All the woman had on the thin sock that came to your ankle bone. You can barely see the sock with the sneakers on. There were all colored socks with different colored sneakers.

 I actually have several of these pairs of socks but I push them aside because on me they fall down under my foot when I am exercising. I sort through my deep drawers to find my 80’s style socks that are baggie around my ankle, but they stay put.

 I know I am not a fashion plate when I work out. I refuse to spend a lot of money for clothes I am going to sweat in and wear out. I wear nylon shorts and girly t-shirts with my baggie white socks and white clunky sneakers. I don’t have the light, sleek ones that are neon colored and weigh next to nothing. If I drop my sneaker on the floor it thuds.


Looking at my socks and sneakers brought back memories of when my friend, Wendy and I went to Europe. We went to visit a friend for 12 days who lived in London. Each morning like little twins each morning we emerged from our rooms with our matching white socks that folded down and sneakers. We laughed because we both bought a 12 pack of socks to go on this trip.

 After a few days of this the woman we visited laughed as we once again came out dressed in our out fits. We asked her what was so funny and she said that you could tell we were Americans because only Americans wear white socks and sneakers. She invited us to watch people as we were out and about that day. Sure enough, Americans stood out in their white socks and sneakers. Europeans wear loafers with no socks. We were easily identified.


Maybe that’s why I got pick pocketed in Spain years later? That’s another story.

 These socks used to be the style. I didn’t notice when they went out and skinny socks came in.


I am starting to feel silly in my baggy, folded down socks. This may be the time to invest in clothes I am going to sweat in and wear out!

 So, I have decided that I am going to take a break from grains. All of them. I have had the hungry horrors lately and have been eating anything that isn’t nailed down. My stomach in Spin class tonight was pushing against my shirt and I can see rolls. I need to rein it in. Seriously!

 The last time I lost any significant weight I cut out carbs. I love salads, eggs and I have a ton of flourless muffin recipes now. I can do this! Day 2 with no/little carbs.



Flourless peanut butter muffin




Arugula with goat cheese, walnuts and strawberries




Celery with Greek yogurt dip



Beef with broccoli


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2 Responses to White socks and sneakers

  1. Pammy-poo says:

    I hate those low socks! They DO bunch under your foot after a few steps… I’d rather go without… ewww. OR wear those pompom socks – and be even more out of style – remember those?

    • karenmregan says:

      We were just talking about those pom pom socks. Never realized until 2 days ago that they actually serve a purpose. Just thought they were meant to be cute!

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