Love Affair with Quinoa- NOT

Quinoa, Quinoa, Quinoa…

That’s all I hear anybody talking about lately. How Quinoa is supposed to be great for you and it’s the new grain (actually a seed) that we should be eating. It is high in protein and fiber as well as magnesium and iron. Some have called it a “Super food”

I had it for the first time at my friend, Pam’s house. She made a sort of fried brown rice but used quinoa instead.  She added carrots and peas, an egg and gluten free soy sauce and it was really yummy.

I went home and made it and I didn’t like it. I made it like Pam did and it just didn’t taste the same.

Made it again and put apples and cinnamon in it and tried it for breakfast. I wasn’t that crazy about that meal either.

After I made a quinoa salad (instead of pasta) and didn’t like that either I realized it isn’t the taste I dislike but the consistency. It’s a very small grain with a “tail” at the end of it. It’s almost like a couscous but somehow, not quite. I do like Couscous so I can’t quite understand why I don’t like Quinoa. I am a girl of consistency though. If I don’t like the consistency I don’t care how it tastes, I don’t want it. I don’t like lobster either for that reason: and many more like killing a living thing and then ripping the body apart, however, I digress….

I have really tried to like Quinoa, I really have. I have given it several shots to impress me and each time it hasn’t.  I totally get the nutritional factor that Quinoa has and I should eat it. It is gluten free so the body can digest it easily.

Each attempt at a Quinoa recipe leaves bowls of uneaten Quinoa in the fridge. I bring it to work and don’t eat it. Then I just stop bringing it to work and I wind up throwing out bowls of it and I feel guilty.

I am actually a little sad that I don’t like it. I guess I feel about it the way I feel about salmon. I know how good it is for me and I WISH I liked but I really hate it and just can’t eat it.

Here is a link to all the good benefits of Quinoa. I don’t want to discourage you from eating it just because I don’t care for it. It really is super good for you. Quinoa benefits

Maybe, I just need to get Pam to make it for me again? LOL

Do you like Quinoa?

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2 Responses to Love Affair with Quinoa- NOT

  1. Kent H. says:

    I like quinoa, I just don’t have it much.. I usually have it plain with butter… I am leery of having it a lot or have big helpings because I see it as a carb, I could be wrong…

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