Last week’s contest winner

Happy Friday! I am sure many of you are on vacation next week. Have a very happy and safe 4th of July.

So, I ran a contest last week to see if you could figure out which was the highest in calories and fat and what were the lowest.

There were no winners 😦 ,   but I thank everyone for playing. Can you see how hard it is to guess what is good for you and what isn’t?

The best food choice was Spinach Lasagna with sundried tomato sauce at 320/8 grams of fat.

The worst was the Chicken Parm Focaccia Sandwich at 780/ 38 grams of fat.

Wow, huh?

This week’s wow menu is:

Philly cheese steak wrap:  660 calories / 34 grams of fat

Chicken Salad wrap: 740 calories/43 grams of fat

Coconut curry chicken soup (16 ounce): 330calories /14 grams of fat

Santa Maria Roast Salmon: 290 calories /13 grams of fat

Steak Milanese: Pan fried steak with cilantro and oregano topped with Pico de gallo: 570 calories /33 grams of fat

I was surprised by the Steak Milanese. I know its pan fried but it only has cilantro, oregano and Pico de gallo. None of that is fattening. I would have expected this to be less fattening and a little healthier.

Do you really know how many calories and fat you are eating?

I know, I don’t.

Food Journal


2 scrambled eggs




Salad with grilled chicken


Grilled chicken wrap with onion, peppers and mushroom (minus the wrap)


Chocolate covered almonds

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One Response to Last week’s contest winner

  1. Kent H. says:

    I didn’t win the contest… You must have rigged it..!!!

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