Dog days of Summer


Hello Friends!

 Another Sunday night already! Boy it was a hot weekend. Whew!

 It was such a hot weekend that we didn’t even walk the dogs much this weekend and that is very unusual. Besides the heat, the bugs have been unrealities. So, a lot of pond time swimming and less walks.

 Even at the pond, though, the deer flies are terrible. Poor Molly came home tonight from fishing with Dan (her favorite thing in life) and underneath her left eye was very swollen. The deer flies like to get between her eyes and her nose and bite her because she can’t reach them to get them off. We try and pay attention but one must have gotten her before we could get to it.


Her poor eye had almost a sack of fluid underneath it. She also had other bites but the one under her eye was most concerning. I watched to make sure her breathing pattern was fine and it was so we didn’t need to go to the vet. Dan had just gotten bitten by a wasp and I was concerned it may have been a bee and not a deer fly but that was not the case, thank goodness.

 I treated Molly for the bite with a natural herb called Ledum. I have written about this before for Lyme disease but it is great for any insect bite or puncture. I had some on hand because I give it to her after she gets a tick bite for prevention of Lyme disease.

 I gave Molly 1M of Ledum to treat this bite. The medicine is a tiny ball that I put on a little smidge of Greek Yogurt.


What exactly is Ledum, you ask? “

Ledum pal (wild rosemary)

Ledum’s uncanny ability to heal tissues carefully from the deepest point and working up to the surface makes it a perfect first aid remedy for puncture wounds (from needle pricks to dog bites), lacerations (especially hands and feet) and insect stings or rashes. In such wounds, it promotes faster healing and is known to help deter sepsis. It also has a knack for healing old yellowed bruises, black eyes and eye injuries (with the attention of a healthcare practitioner). Similar applications for Ledum include: itching feet and ankles that become much worse for scratching or heat; red pimples on the forehead and cheeks; rashes with red spots; and various discolorations.”

 I checked the eye about 20 minutes later and it still looked the same, but hadn’t gotten worse. I was so afraid the eye would close shut from swelling. I went upstairs to do some work and when I came back down her eyes was much better! You could really see a marked improvement. Dan had put cold water on the eye and I am sure that helped as well. After 10 more minutes you didn’t even know she had a problem.

 I am a believer in natural remedies. Animals cure themselves in the wild by knowing what plant or herb to eat to help them. I have used these remedies several times with many different animals with very good results.

 However, as I said earlier, had Molly’s eye shut we would have been off to the vet. It’s not that I don’t believe in traditional medicine but I like to have alternatives on hand when I need them.

 I believe the Ledum combined with the cold water helped her swelling go down quickly.

 Click HERE for an article on what natural remedies you should have on hand in your house for your dog.


I haven’t talked much lately about my eating pattern. They haven’t been that exciting lately but I will share today’s meal.



Shake – coconut water, frozen fruit, Greek yogurt.

Pistachios (too many)



A chicken wrap from a Food Court at the Outlets. I have to say it was delicious! I am trying to stay away from carbs but that was all I had today.



Coconut curry pork with vegetables.


My exercise was limited this weekend due to the heat but I will be back to the gym this week in nice, cool air conditioning!

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