Oh Nuts!


I am nuts about nuts. Almost any kind of nuts.

I have always eaten a lot of nuts but now that I am doing no/low carbs I am eating a lot of them!

Dan bought a huge bag of pistachios at BJ’s the other day. Between Danny and me we polished off the bag in no time. I also buy the individual size bag of pistachios at 130 calories a bag. I bring these in to work and I usually have eaten them by 10:00 in the morning. I love the salt!

After Step aerobics tonight I found a 100 calorie bag of cinnamon covered almonds. I wolfed those down before I hit the highway.  Then I proceeded to eat some more pistachios and had a few chocolate covered almonds after dinner

Speaking of dinner tonight…

Amazingly, our Shaw’s has the best selection of fish. It is so fresh and tastes right out of the ocean. I bought Dan a piece of halibut because he is too cheap to pay for it for himself. It wasn’t cheap at $14 a pound, but he loves it, it’s so good for you and he deserves a nice meal! I bought flounder for myself. Dan simply threw both pieces of fish on the grill; mine in tinfoil with butter, wine, paprika, lemon and dill and his with nothing but lemon.

The fish was absolutely delicious. Dan cooked it perfectly and it was flaky and no fishy taste at all. Sometimes the fish can be bland just steamed in foil but the flavor of the fish was so yummy it was practically melting in my mouth.

We both love fish and eat a fair amount but with fish this good we should eat it more often.

What is your favorite fish?

Food Journal

I have been on a shake kick lately. Simply made with coconut water and different types of frozen fruits. With the heat we have been having it is so cool and light for breakfast. I just bought frozen black berries and cherries that I have never tried before in a shake. I am eager to try those soon.

I have also been making salads for lunch. I could eat one every day. I seriously love salads. Lately, I have been making one with Spring lettuce, goat cheese crumbles, walnuts and strawberries. I use Maple grove balsamic vinegar dressing and it is delicious!

My snacks as you read have been nuts out the wazoo. They are really fattening so I am not sure if I should cut back on these. I think I should. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, right?

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One Response to Oh Nuts!

  1. Kent says:

    Favorite fish.. Cod, Haddock, Swordfish & Tuna..

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