Going Flour less

What a Wednesday!

 It was humid, sunny, rainy and wild weather today. I am ready for the humidity to go already. This summer has either been really humid or rainy. I am ready for a nice 79 degree day with no humidity. Oh well. What can you do?

 But, one thing I have been bummed about with the weather is that I really want to cook my flour less muffins but it’s been too hot to turn on the oven. Before the heat I had been baking all these muffins that have absolutely no flour in them! They were really good and really low in carbs. I had been eating them in the morning with breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon.

 One favorite is my peanut butter and chocolate chip muffin. This recipe only has 6 ingredients that you already probably have in your cabinet. They are awesome!  Here is the link to my web-site if you’d like the recipe. Click here

 Another flourless favorite is banana and blueberry muffins. I love a nice, moist banana bread and this sort of reminds me of one.  This does have almond flour (which is just ground almonds into flour like consistency) and I am told if you use Bob’s Red Mill flour it leaves the muffin a little moist and I have found that to be true. I haven’t tried another brand of almond flour as that is what most stores carry, but they are a little squishy, maybe?  Click here

 I have also been dying to try but just haven’t the chance yet to make flour less pancakes that you bake in the oven! They look yummy, but I just haven’t gotten around to those yet. They kind of look like a cookie. Click here.



I am really loving these no carb recipes and they are good! I love to play around with ingredients and see what turns up. I have blackberries in my freezer and they might be a good addition to one of these muffins.

 Probably my absolute favorite muffin was a raspberry muffin recipe I found on Detoxinista.com. I used fresh raspberries and they were delish! She also used chocolate which I don’t care for with fruit so I obmitted. Click here.

I don’t have issues with flour but I like the idea of eating less of it if I can. The recipes are also great for people with celiac disease. I get most of these recipes from sites that are geared towards people with those issues.

 I would love to hear if you make any of these and how you liked them.

 Enjoy and stay cool!


Visit my web-site for recipes, fun and free stuff, quizzes, fashion and more. www.fabinyour40s.com

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