Switching sides

Hey Everyone,

Today I felt the need to change up my workout so I decided to go back to Julie Q’s studio for her VBarre class. I blogged about this a few months back and how great the class was. Well, the second time around was even better. I sweated up a storm and I can feel it in my muscles.

I desperately need muscle workouts. I get cardio twice a week and walk the other 5 days, but I know I need to either lift weights or use bands, balls, leg lifts etc… like in Julie’s class. I am going to try and attend regularly as I know I need to switch it up. I have been going to step every Monday night and Spin every Tuesday night for the past 6 years. Sometimes I go to Yoga on Fridays but I am very inconsistent on that class. You are supposed to different exercises and switch it up so your body doesn’t get used to the movement. Or so I am told.

So, I will try and be more of a regular at Julie’s classes. Here is her schedule if you’d like to check out her classes. You won’t be sorry. Studio Q.

My sleeping is still not going very well. I have been taking the Cortisol manger and the Melatonin with no real results.

I have also switched from my caffeinated tea to my Sleepy time tea. I don’t know if it was all the comments I read about the Sleepy tea but I am starting to hate the flavor and I have always loved it. People complained about the sweetness and I really enjoyed it but since I have been drinking it with my meals as an iced tea, I hate the sweetness with my food. I think it’s all in my head but I am not enjoying it with dinner. Maybe I should drink it after dinner?

Ugh, who needs sleep?

My meals have been less than exciting with all this humid weather. I haven been eating like 3 things… shakes for breakfast, salads for lunch and meat and veggies cooked on the grill for dinner. What else can you have in this weather?

What have you been eating?

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