Karen and Wendy’s wild adventures


Yippee, it’s finally Friday!

 I am excited because I have vacation coming up the week after next and I didn’t have any plans. I had tentative plans with my aunt to go to Provincetown but they fell through so I was a little bummed. When I told my friend, Wendy that my plans fell through she said she’d go with me!


Wendy and I have travelled many times together. The first time ever was to London 15 years ago this month. I knew Wendy through work but had never even socialized with her outside of work. She was looking for someone to go to London with her and she asked me. I told her I couldn’t possibly go and mentioned it to Dan on the way home from work. He told me of course I was going and made all the arrangements.

 So off Wendy and I went to London barely knowing each other and not really knowing who we were visiting. Wendy had met this woman once at her brother and sister in law’s wedding (it was her best friend). As we landed at Heathrow Wendy turned and looked at me and said, “I hope I remember what she looks like. It has been so long since I have seen her”.  Wendy and I got know each other very well that week as we had to share a double bed! By the end of vacation we were old friends and we had a great time.

 That was the start of our travelling together and we have had many good times. Dan’s co-worker has a condo on the beach in P-Town and that’s where we are staying for a few nights. Sitting on the deck over looking the beach and sipping on cocktails. We should have a blast.

I went to Yoga tonight for the first time in months! I have to start getting back to a regular gym schedule. With the heat I have been inspired to go to the gym instead of walking in the woods with the dogs. I hit 4 gym classes this week which is ideal for me. Now, if I can only keep it up. The heat is coming back next week so that’ll push me to the gym.

I am tempted tomorrow to cook a few things that I have been dying to but put off because of the heat. I may make flour less muffins and roast some vegetables. I have been snacking on nuts because I haven’t been able to cook any veggies. I love roasted grape tomatoes with a little olive oil, garlic and basil. MMM MMM. I would snack on that.  I also love roasted vegetables with olive oil and some balsamic vinegar poured over them. That would be a snack too. Instead I have continued to scarf down a ton of nuts.


I have been eating humus and like it but I realized something weird about myself.

 I tend not to like cold foods. Is that odd? I like either warm or room temperature foods better. Even water I don’t like cold.  So when I go for food I notice I prefer a warmer temperature than a cool one.  I noticed this recently and thought it interesting. Anyway, hopefully I can get some cooking accomplished tomorrow.

 What are you doing?

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