Molly and me- a girls night out


Hot Monday

 Did I ever tell you that Dan is the cook in the family? I can cook, I just prefer not to. Dan loves to cook and would prefer to cook all the meals.

 Ok with me!

 On the rare nights he happens not to be home for dinner it always leaves me in a quandary. I usually get something really fattening and bad for me like pizza. I have been trying to eat little to no carbs and I am getting a bit sick of salads. Don’t get me wrong, I like them but I don’t want them for lunch and dinner.

 I wasn’t sure what to get or where to go. I was trying to be kind of good but eating out doesn’t offer many healthy choices.  So, after our hot, muggy walk in the dog park, Molly and I went to The Ice Cream Factory over in Townsend. Sounds healthy right?

 The Ice Cream Factory - Townsend, MA

I got Molly a hot dog and I got a fish sandwich but I threw the bun out. Actually, I threw hers out too so I should have just told the girl “bun less”.  We sat in the car and ate our food. It was a really good piece of fish. My friend Wendy had a fish sandwich here many years ago and I still remembered that she raved about it. I know I could have made a better choice as it was fried but I stuck to the no carbs and I didn’t get fries or anything to go with it. I am still a bit hungry but I will live.  


I had my egg frittata for breakfast this morning. It was just as good reheated today as it was fresh on Saturday when I made them. They are yummy. You have to try them.

 Then for lunch I had left over shrimp that Dan had made for dinner on Saturday and a salad.

 I can do the no carb thing as I really like salads and can eat them almost daily.

 I have been pulling things off the Internet to do in P-Town for next week when we go. Dune buggy rides, a sail boat ride, cross dressing karaoke… We are going to have fun, I think. 

Does anyone have any must do’s while we are in Provincetown?

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