Change is so hard!


Hi Everybody:

 Change is so hard

 Don’t you hate when you have a favorite gym teacher and then they have to give up the class?

 This has happened to me so many times at my gym. Recently, I found out our Spin class teacher, Dayna, is giving up our Tuesday night class.



 Dayna has been with our class for almost 2 years now. She took over for another favorite teacher, Julie, and has done such a great job teaching Spin. She is a teacher and it’s obvious when she teaches the class. She is a great motivator and she makes the class fun. Everyone was bummed out when they heard she was leaving and we didn’t even get to say good-bye. Her last 2 classes were subbed out to another teacher for whatever reasons (the teacher heckled me BTW, which I hate) and this week was the change, so no sad final class.

 The new teacher, Christy, to her credit did a great job. Everyone asked her if she was the new teacher and I don’t know if she felt badly or not, but Dayna’s shoes are tough to fill. Christy did good job of having fun, engaging with the class but not too much. She had a nice balance of encouraging words and the music was good. She even had Twinkies for us after the class! I guess Twinkies are back on the market so she went out and got two boxes to share with her new students. That’s a sure way to win over this class!

Kent (who been making many guest appearances on this blog) told me about a science teacher who did a Twinkie experiment. You know the old myth that Twinkies can last a life time? Check out the interview here with the teacher, Roger Bennatti.  The Shelf Life of a Vintage Twinkie.

 It will be an adjustment but I think Tuesday night Spin class will prevail!

 So, I still feel like I am not losing any weight. I have been great about the low card eating and I keep waiting for the weigh to simply fall off, but it hasn’t happened yet.

 I have still been eating my shakes, salads, flour less muffins and meat and veggies at night. I have been pretty diligent for about 2 weeks. Is that enough time?

 Come on weight, go away!

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3 Responses to Change is so hard!

  1. Kent says:

    Good posting Karen.. Very fair to a person who was probably pretty nervous..

    • karenmregan says:

      Kent:   She was good. I felt bad when everyone was asking if she was the new teacher.   Did you see the article on Twinkies by that teacher? Thanks for the Blog idea! 

  2. Kent says:

    I did read it… too funny…. could be a tad scary..I hope Devil Dogs are not that ‘over preserved’..

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