Sneaky Dan

Surprise, Surprise,

I had blogged that my friend, Wendy and I are going to Provincetown  for a few days on a girls trip away. Dan’s co-worker Dianne was kind enough to let us rent her gorgeous condo right on the beach. Anyway, Wendy and I went down to pay her today and she says “oh, sorry, you don’t owe me as much as I told you you did”.  Wendy and I looked at each other and asked “How come” and Dianne told us that Dan had already paid for half of it as a surprise!

Well, we were both sort of shell shocked as Dianne handed us money back.

I had a feeling something was up because I found a note yesterday that said “get money” written on a brown paper napkin. Now, I know Dan and he is one of the most generous people I know, truly, so it surprised me but it didn’t. He’s done things like this in the past many times before.

So, don’t tell him but we are going to have to buy him a nice gift while we are in P-Town. Not sure what but there are all kinds of interesting things we could bring back!

My good eating habits continue and I am feeling really good about it. Today I had a blackberry and cherry shake for breakfast which was really good.

For lunch I had a scoop of chicken salad and I brought my roasted vegetables with me and had them with the chicken salad. It was such a good lunch.

I had bought fresh strawberries and I had some of them with Cinnamon and cream cheese from Laughing Cow for a snack after lunch.  Yum.

 For dinner we will have left over Chinese food , which for me, was Beef and Broccoli I was starving the other night when we had it and I ate a lot so there isn’t a whole lot left but it’ll do.

Portion control has always been an issue for me but lately I have been doing really well eating smaller portions and being fine with it. Maybe it’s the heat, who knows. I do love to eat…

Speaking of eating, Wendy and I were planning on what food to bring with us on our trip. We both agreed to stick with fruit and healthier snacks rather than chips, cookies and junk food. I am planning on a meal of perhaps fish and chips and there is a pizza place I love so I am going to eat some not so healthy foods while I am there. I will only get a slice of the pizza and not a whole one and I may get a baked fish instead of fried. We’ll have to see, but I do want to eat what I want within reason and not watch everything I put in my mouth. So, that means I eat healthy now.

We are looking into Sand Dune rides and maybe a sunset sail boat excursion. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I can’t wait to sit on the deck overlooking the ocean with my Blue Moon and good friend.


With money in our pockets to spend!

Wendy and I both thank Dan for his generosity and we will have a good time.

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2 Responses to Sneaky Dan

  1. Maria Fonseca says:

    I told you, Karen, that Dan is a very special man.

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