Drag Queen Brunch – No joke!

Wendy and I woke up early because we had a 10:30 brunch reservation at Victor’s restaurant. However, this was not your typical Sunday brunch….

This was a Drag brunch,

Yup, you heard that right. It’s a regular brunch but as you are eating a character called “Shady Pines” walks around the floor and entertains you.


When I was looking for things to do in P-Town I came across this brunch. I read the reviews and they were all raving about the brunch. I had hard it was a good restaurant anyway and when I saw all the reviews for the Drag brunch I was dying to check it out. I tried to make reservations on-line and it said there were no tables left and I was so disappointed. I called, however, and lucky us, we got in!

<img src=”http://foodio54.com/images/badge-2-aa522.jpg” alt=”Victors on Foodio54″ style=”width:104px;height:34px;padding:0;border:none;” />

It was mostly men at our seating, but there was a table of women, I think, for a bachelorette party. Tambourines were handed out by the waiters (all dressed in wigs and skirts) and the show began.

P-Town 023

First let me start with the food. I had a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, home fries and bacon.  All of it very good. We had eaten a heavy meal the night before so I wanted something on the lighter side. Wendy got the lobster omelet and said it was very good. I had read reviews that it was yummy and she confirmed that. The waiter was great about coming over and checking in on us periodically. Food and Service was an A+.

Now on to Shady Pines.

Wendy was a bit disappointed at first to simply see the waiters in wigs and dresses. She couldn’t see the real act who was hidden by a pole from Wendy’s seat.

The music started and Shady came out singing and dancing. We were encouraged to use our tambourines and clap along.  She/he (?) interacted with the audience and picked on a few people all in good fun. Yes, I was one of them and Wendy has pictures to prove it. I will post them of me when I get them from Wendy. Shady came up in back of me, swung my chair to face everyone in the place, parted my legs (I had shorts on, thank god) and stuck his/her head there. Oh boy…..

P-Town 026

Of course Wendy thought this was hysterical because it wasn’t her. I laughed too as it was all in good fun and Shady did this to several people, men and women. He said he got the surprise of his life last week when did this to a woman not wearing undies.  Joke’s on you, Shady!

There was a birthday and an engagement in the house that morning. We all sang Happy Birthday and wished the new couple congratulations.

All in all it was an experience Wendy and I won’t forget and was very fun. I would recommend it to the non squeamish. There were gay jokes, racial jokes, women jokes, swearing… you name it,… Shady didn’t discriminate against anyone.  I am not sure Dan would have appreciated it but Wendy and I had a good laugh over a yummy breakfast.

What more could you ask for?

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2 Responses to Drag Queen Brunch – No joke!

  1. Kent says:

    Ok Karen.. I know you saw this coming, but someone who doesn’t like being singled out in Ride class got a kick out of being singled out during a He/She show… too funny… I really, really wish I was there to see that one… lol…!! See you soon can’t wait to hear more stories…

    • karenmregan says:

      Well, the difference is in Ride I am actually performing and that’s what is being singled out. At the brunch I was sitting there minding my own business, so it wasn’t personal.  Make sense?It was a hoot. Nothing like I had ever been to before.

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