Sand Dune Tour in P-Town


After our excitement with Shady Pines and brunch, Wendy and I decided to hit a few of the stores in P-Town. Wendy was looking for a t-shirt but also a bargain. Like me, we hate to spend a lot of money if we don’t need to.

 We went into Cuffy’s, the Cape Cod store of the Cape and she found a t-shirt that she liked but there was a very small red dot on the shirt. She asked if there was another size and the nice lady ripped open a new bag in a shipment that had just come in. Wendy spotted another dot. Bag after bag was opened and they all had small spots on them from the manufacturer. Wendy told the woman that she would take the shirt for a discount and the woman offered her the shirt for $5.99 instead of the $14.99 that it was. You could barely even see the red dot unless you were looking for it. So, Wendy was thrilled with her purchase and neither of us felt the need to shop anymore for awhile.

I had bought a travel over night bag in NYC with Wendy that broke the first time I ever used it. I found this great bag for $32.00 in a store. Hopefully, this one won’t fall apart the day I use it! I love it.



 We decided to go back to the condo and hang out on the beach for awhile. We pulled our beach chairs out and set them up in the sand. We took a walk to the water and put our toes in (water was beautiful) and then sat and relaxed. The beach had many folks on it just soaking up the sun and relaxing.

 Check out his guy. Looks care free, doesn’t he? I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


After we sat for a while we decided to walk out to the sand bar. The tide was out so we walked through a bit of water until we reached a sand bar with some people on it. Wendy always picks up rocks on trips and puts the name of the town on the rock. She found a nice flat rock to put “P-Town” on.

 We had a reservation that night with Art’s Dune Tours for a sunset sand dune tour of the dunes around Race Point. In all the years I have lived on the Cape I have never been to Race Point. What a shame, it was beautiful!

 There was Wendy, myself and 3 other people in the 4 wheel vehicle. I asked the driver how long he had been doing this job and to everyone’s surprise he said, “it’s my second day!” Oh well, how hard can it be to drive through sand?

 Anyway, we followed other vehicles through the dunes and saw old houses that people used to squat in. The driver pointed out plants, cranberry bushes, birds and all sorts of other things in nature. We got out at one point and took the following pictures.




Then we all got back in the jeep and went out to race Point beach. The Pipping Plovers were nesting so we only had one little section of the beach to hang out on. Wendy spotted something in the water and shouted out that there was something in the water and low and behold it was 2 seals! They kept disappearing and popping back up right near the shore. At one point they picked up a friend and there were 3 of them in the sunset. It was such a beautiful shot that I wished my camera had picked up but it wasn’t a good enough model. We joked that we hoped there weren’t any sharks following those seals. The Cape has seen its share of sharks already this year. Seals are so cute and I hate to think of a shark eating them!




After the tour we decided to go a drag karaoke at the Governor Bradford. The host/hostess was in drag but the people singing were not. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as the brunch that morning but we sat and had a few beers and listened to folks who think they can sing, sing. Some were ok and some were horrible.


Let me say right here that I would never have the nerve to get up and sing in front of people so whoever does it, no matter what their voice sounds like, has my admiration.  I applaud you even if you are awful. I was surprised at how many people actually got up and sang! I figured the drag queen would have to do most of the singing but no, many people put in songs. We saw old, young, men, and women, can sing ok, can’t sing at all….. You name it, we saw it. We stayed for an hour and half or so and then made our way to get something to eat,

 We grabbed a piece of pizza just as the window to the Red Shack was closing. Wendy got cheese and I got pepperoni. MMM MMM.

Once we got back to the condo we sat on the deck over looking the beach but the mosquitoes were terrible so we just went back to our condo and watched TV for a bit before hitting the hay.

 Between The Drag Brunch and the Dune Tour we were ready for bed.

I highly reccomend Art’s Sand  Dune Tours. They were informative and took you to places most people aren’t allowed to go. The sunset was gorgeous and sometimes they even see dolphins and whales! The price was only $25.00 for 2 hours . You can’t beat it!

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One Response to Sand Dune Tour in P-Town

  1. Kent H. says:

    Oh oh.. Another drag show.. I am going to have a talk with you Tuesday to make sure you are playing for the right team..!!! Just kidding I know you were just enjoying the ‘sights’..!!

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