Bay Lady II and a sand dollar

I have to start off this Blog by saying I totally lied to you by accident.

 Art’s Dune Tours was not $25.00 for two hours as I had previously said. It was $43.00 for the 2 hours tour. Sorry, I realized it just today when I was talking to someone.

 What was $25.00 was the sail boat ride Wendy and I took on our last full day in P-Town. I love the water and boats and I really wanted to get on a sailboat and see Provincetown from the water. Luckily for us, The Bay Lady II goes out every few hours daily for a 2 hour cruise.

 Wendy and I made our way to McMillan’s Pier and went to the booth that sells tickets for a sail. We had just missed the 10:00 trip so we signed up for the 12:30 one.  At a bargain rate of $25.00 who could say no? This trip was $25.00 for two hours, I promise!

 The day was beautiful and although the boat holds 41 people we had 8 not including the captain and 2 crew members so we had plenty of room to roam.


 As soon as the captain gave the ok I was out of my seat and up at the front of the boat. I was just going up to take some pictures and then come back but to my surprise Wendy came up too. You see, Wendy doesn’t like the water all that much and boats can make her seasick. So, she was a real brave trooper to walk along the edge of the boat with nothing but a thin cable to hold her in and join me at the tip of the boat.


The boat sailed just around the bay and not in the open ocean, which was fine. It was a beautiful sunny day and a great day to be on the water.


Being on the water gave us a great view of the barn with the old ladies faces on the side of it. I love this barn and think the faces look so full of wisdom and knowledge. It was really cool to see the barn from the water. Wendy wants to know how she can get her face up there too. I thought there must be an age requirement and she doesn’t meet it yet!


We saw Long Point Light house and watched the ferry race by dropping people off and picking them up. I went there a few years ago with another friend and lounged on the beach. I guess you can walk to it, but it’s a 2 hour walk one way. No thanks!

We also got a good view of the Tall Ship that was here from Delaware. You could take a ride on that ship too but it was totally booked. It had been moored at McMillan’s Pier for abut a week and it was some sight to see from the water. We could see people way up in the masts working on the boat. Very cool.


We were starving by the time the boat hit land we so we made our way to a restaurant on the Pier. Wendy had a burger and fries and I had a turkey club. I wasn’t really sure what to have and I just made a quick decision. It filled me up but didn’t really satisfy me.

 With a full belly we then hit some shops. We walked a round randomly for a while and then I got this notion to get a star fish necklace. I have been seeing them everywhere and all of a sudden I wanted one. I never change my jewelry and usually wear a simple diamond pendent that was my Mom’s but for some reason I had to have a necklace that was just summery and fun.

 We went into a few shops and I hit the jackpot in Recovering Hearts Gift & Bookstore. I found a simple silver starfish on a silver strand. It was only $20.00 and I have actually been wearing it all vacation. It’s exactly what I wanted, fun and summery. It’s a nice souvenir from Provincetown.



After we walked for a few hours we spotted a Food Court that has a bar on the ocean. You could get your food and walk to the back deck and order a drink and eat your food. We weren’t starving as we had eaten a late lunch but you know me, never one to turn down food!

 I got 2 chicken tacos but didn’t eat the shell so it wasn’t that fattening. It was really good and hit the spot. I had a Blue Moon to wash it down while over looking the beach. Wendy decided on Chinese Food. It was kind of cool that you could get what you want and bring it on the deck, order a drink and see the view! It was pretty crowded and a little cool that night. We sat for a while and went home to pack up to leave the next morning


We cleaned up the house Tuesday morning and packed the car. Then we went to say good-bye to the 4 ladies we had met also staying in the condo. It was a shame we were leaving because we all really could have had some fun. They were from Jersey and very interesting women to talk to. We were sad to bid them good-bye.

 I had such a good time in Provincetown. It’s a gorgeous, fun, interesting and so friendly town. The people are so warm and I love all the diversity that you see. I would definitely go back.

 A bit thank you to Dianne Lottie and her partner, Linda for letting us rent the condo. It is beautiful and in such an ideal spot. You can park and not have to drive at all. It’s right on the beach with restaurants right in walking distance. I didn’t even make coffee in the morning because there is a coffee shop literally next door. The best part was, though, that even though you are right on Commercial Street it wasn’t noisy in the least!






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2 Responses to Bay Lady II and a sand dollar

  1. Kent says:

    Cool.. that is exactly what me and El did saturday in Gloucester, took a sail boat ride.. in my case a schooner, a sailboat to you and me..!!

    • karenmregan says:

      I chuckled when I saw that you guys did that too. Nice way to spend an afternoon, isn’t it? I love being on the water and don’t do it all that often anymore. 

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