What’s your Metabolic Type?

Hey Everyone:

As you can see from my Blog I ate like total crap while I was away on vacation.

I feel huge! Seriously, now is the time to get it together and eat better and work out. My leg is still killing me though. I felt a muscle pull 2 weeks ago and it is better but t still really hurts. I went to Step tonight and had a lot of trouble putting much stomping weight on it. Not fun!

Anyway, I get a newsletter from a health Blog and it was talking about how ways of eating don’t work for everyone because we all process food differently. Basically, we aren’t all made the same and have the same food needs.. For example, they used different eating methods (South Beach, Atkins, WW) and explained that some people do really well eating this way, but others don’t because it isn’t made for how their bodies metabolize foods.

 Link to Quiz

This made a lot of sense to me so I Googled (of course) Metabolic Body type quiz to see which category I fall into and what foods metabolize better for ME.

I found this questionnaire that I thought had interesting questions. It turns out I am a Protein type. For best metabolism I should stay away from most carbs and eat darker meat or oily fish. Ok, I hate both, but I will incorporate more protein into my diet.

One web-site said to eat protein at every meal. If I have an apple, have nuts or nut butter with it.

Another web-site said for my protein profile I crave salty, fatty foods like pizza and salty nuts. Yup!

It said that fruits don’t agree with me at all and does nothing for me to satisfy a craving. Bingo!

They also said that I don’t tend to crave sugar but if I do the more I eat, the more I want. OMG. This is all so me!

With that all being said, I looked for protein recipes this weekend that I could make for snacks.

I found a recipe for Cream Cheese stuffed peppers. I love peppers and cream cheese so this peaked my interest. It was really easy to make and they are yummy. I might add a bit more garlic to them as I was cautious but these are a winner.


I also made baked stuffed apples with cream cheese and walnuts. Kind of along the same line as the peppers but on the sweeter side, although I did not add the sugar as suggested. It was simply: apples, vanilla, walnuts, an egg and cinnamon. I just mixed them all together and tasted as i went along.

Lastly, I made my goat cheese and egg frittata muffins again. They were so good and I could have them for breakfast or lunch with a small salad.

I also made this picture of water. I need to get more water into and this looked so refreshing. It has grapefruit, orange (couldn’t find a tangerine), cucumbers and mint. I thought the cukes might gross me out but they were very refreshing. I drank almost the whole pitcher as soon as I made it. I made another with the same fruits but pierced the fruit for flavor. Not so much. The grapefruit overwhelmed everything else and the cukes got lost in that flavor.

protein Foods 002

Hopefully, Spin will be easier on my leg tomorrow. I think I am compensating for it because my back has hurt lately and I have had pain down my legs. It woke me up this morning. I hate to not exercise for a few weeks but let’s see how it goes. I am a little out of balance I think and throwing everything off kilter.

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One Response to What’s your Metabolic Type?

  1. Kent H. says:

    I find if I take a week off from spin I feel stronger when I come back..

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