Straight hair that wasn’t

I have thin but really curly, frizzy hair that you can’t do anything with in the summer except pull it back. The day before the 4th of July I got a Keratin treatment for my hair. I had it done last year for the first time and it really took the oomph out of my hair. I don’t love it pin straight but I do like that I don’t have to fight with it in the morning.

 Before the treatment picture:


The process is they wash your hair, dry it and then put the Keratin on and flat iron it straight. I mean straight.

 Then you can’t wash your hair for 48 hours. Your hair feels and looks horrible and it’s the best feeling when you can finally was it out. So, I had this done on July 3rd, planning that we had the 4th off and I would work from home on the Friday.  I had this all worked out and I barely left the house on the 4th because you can’t get your hair wet at all. You can’t even sweat. Well, you know how hot it was on the 4th so I pretty much stayed in all day and had a boring day off. The things we do for beauty!

 I couldn’t wait to wash my hair that Friday evening. I watched the clock and when it was time I ran to the shower and basked in the water. I got out and dried my hair.

 It was curly?!

After treatment 1 picture:


Do you see a difference? 

Ok, not my usual curls or frizz but I got a wave out of my hair. I scrunched and I got loose curls and some flat pieces. This is not what happened last year when I did the treatment.

 For the next few days I had flat ironed my hair and by the time I got to work with all the heat and humidity it was a bit wavy. Finally on a Saturday I decided to wash my hair and just let it air dry and see what happened. Dan looked at me and said, “You wasted your money. Your hair is curly.” This kind of rankled me because he kept telling me not to do it because it was so humid it wouldn’t work.

 He was right? No way!!

 I called my hair dresser and explained (as well as sent her a photo of my curly hair) that my hair did not take the product like last year and it was still curly. Apparently, the formula changed over the year and it doesn’t always work on everyone’s hair. Mine apparently being one of them.  She told me to come back in and we’d try something else. I was going away on vacation so I made the appointment for when I got back.

 I went in and they applied the old formula, which I didn’t know they still had available to them. Not sure why we didn’t use that in the first place but we didn’t. So I went in on a Thursday of my vacation, stayed home all day Friday as it was raining and washed my hair with glee on Saturday.

 Pin straight.


I am at odds if I should do this at all because the formula carries formaldehyde.  That’s why the first process didn’t work; they stopped using it. I have reservations about the use of formaldehyde and may not do it again next year.  Many things have formaldehyde (nail polish and cosmetics) but to knowingly paint your head with the stuff, iron it in and leave it there for 2 days just doesn’t make sense to me. I wasn’t sure if there was any in this product but I found out from it NOT working that there is some in here and it is potent stuff.

 I mean here I am trying to be healthy and I put this in my hair?

 I work from home on Wednesdays now and it is a challenge not to snack all day.

 For breakfast I had a raspberry almond flour muffin.

 I ate my cream cheese stuffed apples for a snack

 Lunch was a salad with goat cheese, walnuts and chicken

 Then I had pistachios and cherries (weird combo but I have to eat protein with fruit)

 Later I had my bell pepper stuffed with cream cheese.

 Not too bad but more than I needed to eat. Oh, I know, I forgot to take my chromium today to help curb carb cravings. Huh, I wonder if that really does work?

 My other problem is I make all these different things and then when I go to eat them I don’t really want them. I like peppers and cream cheese but it didn’t really do it for me. The apples either. Not much is appealing to me lately.

 I walked in the dog park tonight for our 2 mile walk. I do need to start incorporating weights into my routine.  I also love kick boxing. The one at my gym doesn’t interest me and I looked into other kinds at other places but didn’t really find anything.

 Maybe I’ll have to keep looking.

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One Response to Straight hair that wasn’t

  1. Kent says:

    So what you are saying, I guess, is that you are on the fast track to being a cadaver huh…!!!

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