Who Files their Dog’s nails?

My dog, Molly, hates to have her nails clipped. We bring her to a place and for $5.00 they clip all of her nails. Molly moans, cries, shakes and lately snaps. Now to be fair, she got cut too low by someone other than the regular lady and her nails bled. After that incident in March it all went downhill from there.


The woman feels badly for Molly because you can see she has a real fear of this. Molly is a baby but having her nails clipped is the worst thing she has experienced.  I don’t want Molly to nip this woman in fear so we have to find another way to get her nails trimmed down.

 I decided I was going to try and file her nails with an Emery board. I wanted to do it with a dremel but Dan thinks the noise and vibration will totally freak her out. So, yesterday morning I pulled out a nail file and gently grabbed her toe. I started with the board back and forth over her nail.

 You should have seen the horror on her face! It was actually very funny. She is so expressive.  She pushed my hand aside and put her head on her toes so I couldn’t reach them. Then she very gently tried to take the file from my hand.  I wouldn’t let her and I filed my own nail in front of her and then showed her my fingernail. She sniffed it and then I showed her the file again. I again filed my nail in front of her and kept showing her my nail and the board. I was going to nab her last night but when I finally went into the bedroom she was sound asleep on the bed. She can be grouchy when she sleep so I figured I would try again tonight.

 Honest to God the things we do for our animals. Filing her nails with an emery board. Who does that?


How do you clip your dog’s nails?

 My leg was killing me at  Step but last but it felt better tonight in Spin. Not as much wright on it. I can still fell it hurts but not as bad as last night.

 Speaking of Spin, here is a photo of me that I asked Kent to take. Do you notice anything? No, not my huge belly in this picture. God, could I be pregnant and not know it?  No, I am not, just dumpy.


Anyway, my hair is straight. Pin straight. I got a Keratin treatment a few days ago, well actually it’s the second one I got but I’ll Blog about that later this week.

 I also got some snazzy new workout clothes. I have been feeling so frumpy in what I work out in that I decided to buy some new clothes. Nothing expensive, I went to TJ Maxx and found the shirt in the picture for $12.99. You can’t see my sneakers in the picture but I got new gray and pink snazzy sneakers.  I actually feel a little more confident wearing better work out clothes. I feel more committed for some reason.

 Now, if I could commit to eating right. Today, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast.

 I snacked on cherries and pistachios as my metabolic type said to eat protein at all meals but especially with fruit. Boy, that really filled me up!

 I wasn’t that hungry for lunch so I had a very small salad with a scoop of chicken salad on top. That held me all day.

 Dinner was grilled Cajun shrimp and broccoli and garlic.


No, the shrimp picture is old as you can tell from the fire in the back ground but it was just as yummy!

Oh. hi Molly!   Should I try and file her nails again?


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5 Responses to Who Files their Dog’s nails?

  1. Hi – I agree with your comment about having new workout gear it always makes me feel more motivated and feel like I can workout harder because I think I look good doing it ! Also when Im teaching I always put make up before I head to the gym even though I know once I start dripping with sweat one swipe of my towel across my face it will be all gone. I guess I feel like I should look presentable for class and not washed out or like I have been crying before class. I was admiring your new sneakers wondering where you got them ?? You looked strong and motivated while taking class !!

    • karenmregan says:

      Thanks, Christy! Dressing for the part has made me somehow perform better. Plus, Kent has great form and I have been watching him and taking pointers! The last sub we had told me I looked like I was falling alsoeep on my bike. 😦

  2. My take on members taking class is I am happy to see everyone there it takes alot of motivation and people might have different reasons for being there as well as very diverse personalities. Most of us just want to come take class without being “noticed” so to speak. I am that person who sits in the back row and wants to melt into the woodwork lol. Or you get the ones like Kent who enjoy being front and center and like to heckle there is nothing wrong with that at all it makes everyone laugh I enjoy him. I enjoy having everyone in class and dont feel I need to yell or get off my bike or single anyone out I will make a general comment if I do see someone with their ears in their shoulders etc. As long as everyone is moving they are getting benefit from the class and I am glad.I can also be that person who can think of 100 different reasons not to be at the gym so all my members inspire me everyone brings a piece of themselves that makes the class fun !

    • karenmregan says:

      That’s what you makes a great teacher and motivator. The funny thing was, I WAS half asleep on my bike. I have terrible sleeping problems and I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before. It was all I could do to go but I did and was just happy to even be there!  I kind of stink at exercising but I just go and do what I can and am happy about it.  

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