Wow, it has how many calories and fat?

I haven’t done this in a few weeks but after my vacation I am paying more attention to my food and drink intake.

 Here is the cafeteria menu from where I work and the calories and fat each meal has. There were some definite shockers for me.

 Eggplant Parm – Baked eggplant cutlets with basil marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese accompanied by rigatoni.  910 calories/ 46 grams of fat.

Holy cow! There is no meat in this meal and the eggplant is baked , not fried. Where is all the calories and fat coming from? I’ll bet many people think eggplant is a healthier alternative to many other meals but that’s a lot of fat and calories in one meal. I would have thought this was a better choice!

 Horseradish Crusted Rainbow Trout – Pan seared horseradish and panko crusted trout served with horseradish and chive whipped cream.  520 calories/ 25 grams of fat.


Again, I think people might think of fish as a good choice but it has a ton of calories and fat in this dish.  It is deceiving unless you know what’s in it.

 Chicken or beef Fajitas served with Mexican rice and refried beans and house fried tortilla chips.  870 calories/ 37 grams of fat


Whoa, this one blew me away. I often eat fajitas as a healthy choice but I usually don’t eat the rice, beans or chips. I did just have this exact meal, minus the beans, last weekend and I had no idea how many calories were in this meal!

Real Western Omelet Deal – 3 egg omelet filled with ham, onions and peppers served with breakfast potatoes and a small coffee. 410 calories/ 29 grams of fat.

 This is another type of meal I might get to be healthy. I would try and skip the potatoes though. I wonder how much that would cut out on calories and fat?

 This is just another reminder to know what you are eating. Eating out is usually fattening but even when you think you are making a good choice, you may not be as seen as above.

 As far as drinking I am going to do a Blog soon on women and alcohol. The numbers are rising on women and alcohol consumption and  I’ll share with you an article I found as to why.

My breakfast today was a blueberry and banana nut almond flour muffin top

snack was pistachios and cherries

lunch was grilled shrimp salad

no snack as I was full at this point

dinner will be a 1/2 of a grilled chicken wrap (no wrap) with onions and peppers.

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