Molly and me weekend!


Happy Sunday, Friends!

 I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather has been simply beautiful. My kind of weather.

 It seems like it was a girl’s weekend for Molly and I.

 Saturday I had to go to the nursery where I bought my hydrangeas and ask if they are dead and what to do about them if they are not. I took Molly with me because she LOVES to go for rides with her Mom. I just show her my keys and she runs for the car.

 We bought 4 plants back in May and 2 of them just never did well and then well, look at the picture of them.

  We did water them faithfully but they just got more and more brown and would dry up and just be sticks. Everyone else’s hydrangea plants are doing beautiful so I don’t know why ours aren’t. We tend to kill everything we try to grow but these plants are supposed to be hardy. Not ours.


The man at the nursery said it looks like they were under watered. He said it was a tough summer to grow because of the heat but they should be big and beautiful at this point in the summer.

 Yeah, I know. So, he told me to cut them dead stems down and water them every 3 days. I am hoping them come back but if not, they will give us 40% off new bushes next year. Rosemary swears by Peat Moss so we bought some today and we are going to dig up the plants and put down the moss. Hopefully, this will do the trick. After the nursery Molly and I ran a few errands around town. She had fun.

 We took our walk around the dog park and headed out to dinner.

 Saturday night Dan and I went to Devens Grille for dinner. We got right in (it was busy) and placed out order. Dan had an Oriental chicken salad and I had baked scallops and a Cesar salad. Pretty simple, right?


It took an hour for us to get our food! There was a large party of 25 that had come in before us and that held up the kitchen. We kept waiting and waiting and we were finally going to leave because at this point it was 8:40 and neither of us wanted to eat that late/ Dan had some of his salad and brought the rest home. I did eat my scallops as it was only scallops, red peppers and spinach in a casserole dish with bread crumbs and butter. It was good, but nothing special. Oh well, we don’t usually go out on Saturdays for this reason.

 Sunday, I started out the day walking the dogs for 2.5 miles. Then Dan and I went to the Ugly Omelet for breakfast and ran a few errands. I had an Omelet and bacon for lunch. It was Yummy!

I bought a great new Danskin work out shirt at Walmart for $8.96. I love the color and you can’t beat the price. I am into new work out clothes lately.


I got home and went grocery shopping for the week.

 Once that was done I decided to take Molly for a frozen Yogurt at Chills, the frozen yogurt place that I blogged about a few weeks back. I got her a plain one and me Oreo flavored with Oreos, heath bar crunch, walnuts, caramel and marshmallow.

 Now Molly is so spoiled she wouldn’t eat her yogurt until I got in the back seat and spoon fed it to her. Good lord is she a baby! But, I did it, so who is the sucker?


We ended off the night off walking the dogs again for another 2.5 miles.

 For dinner we had left over grilled chicken wraps with peppers and onions. I took mine out of the wrap and just had the chicken and veggies with salsa.

 Hope you have a Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to Molly and me weekend!

  1. Im curious as to where the dog park is and Chills? I have a 9 year old super friendly black lab who would love a romp in the park and a frozen yogurt ! Except I hope I won’t have to hand feed her. I’m sorry about your bad service at Deven’s Grill I frequently go there I love their Grilled Chicken ceasar Salad the best salad I have ever had !! Always have had good service !! I hope that party of 25 called ahead !

    • karenmregan says:

      Christy:   Actually the dog park isn’t far from you. It is in Groton, right behind the Groton School. We walk a 2.5 mile loop and it’s right on the river so the dogs can swim and walk. It is a beautiful place to go walk the dogs. All off leash too. We meet up with 4 other dogs and their owners every day and walk. Twice on weekends! It’s been great for the dogs but my husband and I as well to meet people in the area.   Chills is off John Fitch in Fitchburg right next to the movies. The couple who own New England nails in Townsend own it and it’s a good place to get frozen yogurt.   Devens was good as always, I just wish the waitress had told us we had a party of 25 ahead of us and that it was going to take a while. We opted not to get bread but we might have had we known! The waitress apologized after the meal, she was very nice, but I always think telling people up front is better so they know what’s going on. We’ll definitely go back, just maybe pick a Sunday night next time!  

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