Food Intolerances

I know I have been going on and on about eating better and getting fatter lately and a thought just crossed my mind as to maybe why.

 I remembered that I was tested for food allergies about a year ago. My stomach has always been round and hard, not flabby or fatty. It’s almost more distended and bloated than fat.

 A few years back I was very gassy and had a stomach that “rolled” as my Dad would say quite often. It would gurgle and make all sorts of noise after I ate.  When I went to my yearly doctor’s appointment I brought up this fun topic of having bad gas and digestive issues. The nurse practitioner kind of laughed it off and gave me the number of times people “pass gas” a day. I think she said it was something like 15 times day, in case you always wanted to know. Anyway, I clearly didn’t feel listened to and it certainly didn’t solve my problem. So, I went to Northampton Wellness Center and told them my same issues. They said being gassy and your stomach making noise and gurgling is NOT normal and it’s your body’s way of saying something is going on. I asked about food allergies and she said it was very possible I had an intolerance to certain foods. She said sometimes it can take 4 days for an intolerance to cause issues so you would never pin point the food that caused the problem.

 I got food tested and this is what came back.

 I have an intolerance, not an allergy to certain foods. The difference between an intolerance and an allergy according to the Mayo clinic is: A true food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects numerous organs in the body. It can cause a range of symptoms. In some cases, an allergic food reaction can be severe or life-threatening. In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and are limited to digestive problems.

 See article here :

 The tests came back that I have an Intolerance to mold based foods which include:



Vinegar and foods containing vinegar, such as salad dressing, catsup and pickles

Sour cream, sour milk and buttermilk

Beer and wine

Meat or fish more than 24 hours old

Sour breads, such as pumpernickel, and other food made with a lot of yeast


Pickled and smoked meats and fish

Dried fruits such as dates, prunes, figs and raisins



Sp pretty much everything I eat almost daily and often more than once a day.


I have lately been having shaken in the morning with berries (mold, think of raspberries) and other fruits.  For lunch I eat a salad almost every day. This often times include (vinegar, cheese, olives and dried cranberries) and I have been snacking on fruit and string cheese lately, both of which are mold based foods. I drink either wine or beer both of which go through a fermentation process that causes mold.

 As you can see from my diet, although I think I am eating healthy, for my intolerance to mold based foods I am eating all the wrong things for me and my system.

 Here are some of the side effects of mold based intolerance. Many of which symptoms I have on a regular basis.

 Gastrointestinal Reactions


abdominal pain or discomfort

excessive gassiness and sometimes a burning sensation that closely mirrors acid reflux.

A common but mild side effect of mold consumption is acute nausea, which should pass entirely within a few hours and can be treated with over-the-counter or home remedies.


Allergic Reactions


wheezing and difficulty breathing.


watery eyes



 Even though I got these results I didn’t stop eating any of these foods. Actually, Michelle said I don’t have to stop entirely but eat one food every 4 days. So, if I have cheese today, don’t eat it for another 4 days.

 Even though I went and got tested I didn’t believe that stopping eating these foods would make a difference. In fact, I have increased my salad and fruit in take because I am doing a low carb diet. I was also told to eat more protein so I bought string cheese to eat with my fruit. I also eat a ton of salsa. I eat chicken, peppers and onions and add salsa to it. healthy, right? Salsa has both tomatoes and vinegar which contain mold.

 Could this be why  all of a sudden I feel like my stomach is getting bigger and bigger?  Maybe it is due to this intolerance.

Talk about Karma. I follow this woman, Isabel at Beyond Diet and I was going to send her a Face Book message and ask her about Intolerances. look at what was on her Fb yesterday. So should I be paying attention now? I think so.

“Did you know about 20% of people suffer from food intolerances? Did you also know that these intolerances can potentially be the #1 reason many people are trying “everything” to lose weight with NO results?”

I just bought 2 for one carton of raspberries and strawberries at Shaw’s. One I am done with the food I bought I am going to start cutting out the foods I have an intolerance to and see if this makes a difference.

 I will certainly  Blog about this and let you know.


Here are my mold based foods for today:

 Shake with strawberries and peaches

 cut up strawberries and cinnamon almonds

 Mexican Tortilla soup (tomatoes, vinegar)

Tacos (vinegar in salsa)

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2 Responses to Food Intolerances

  1. Kent H. says:

    So what can you eat… It seems almost everything we eat has mold or a gluten type of thing..!!!

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