In search of…. a Personal Trainer

Ok, you guys. So not even funny. I am gaining a ton of weight. I have given up most carbs ( for real) and quit drinking alcohol and I still feel like I am gaining weight.

What is the problem? It’s not like I am not trying now.  My friend says it because I am 45 but I know several women in their 40’s that look great, so, come on!

 I am looking into Personal Trainers now. I want someone who can work with me on food and exercise. I used to love kick boxing with a partner holding pads and me hitting them. It was such a great workout and I would love to do that again. I have looked into several places and I just can’t find any place that has what I am looking for. Rise and Shine Fitness in Pepperell (which is where I used to do the kick boxing) has exactly what I am looking for but the ladies only do morning fitness and I can’t because I am at work by 7:00, which means I leave the house at  about 6:15-6:20.

 I know I need to change out my work outs.  For the past 5 years it has been

 Mon- Step

Tues- Spin

Fri- Yoga (maybe)

 I walk 2.5 miles on the off days but it isn’t enough. I have heard a million times that you need to change out your routine to “trick” your body. This make total sense but I like who I go to class with and quite frankly, that’s what gets me there.

 I also know I need to add strength training, especially as I age. I am going to try and get to Julie Q’s Thursday night V-barre class more consistently but I also need more.


I think a Personal Trainer would be great to get me going. I need someone on one work with my food, form and over all fitness.  I love the group classes but I really need one person right now to give me personal attention and who I can bounce things off of on a weekly basis.

Do anyone want to be my trainer or know someone who would? I would Blog the heck out of and get them lots of attention!

On another note: Poor Molly had an adventurous day. She got out of the house somehow and was outside for awhile alone. We live on a commuter road: busy during the morning & afternoon, but still kind of busy. Thank God she is a good girl and doesn’t go in front of the house. She was just sitting on the bank over looking our back field waiting.

Then- she got locked in our bedroom. If you don’t prop open the door it slams shut. We have doors from 1776 that have latch handles and the door latches shut and won’t budge. We got home from work and Molly ususally comes right down. Dan was calling her and calling her and we finally went up and low and behold she was locked in tight! Was her tail wagging when we opened the door.

She went from total freedom to getting locked in. What a day for Molly.

I had my basic meals today. I don’t seem to change it up much and I see a pattern with nuts!

Raspberry flourless muffin for breakfast

pistachios and raspberries for a snack

Salad with goat cheese, walnuts and chicken salad for lunch

string cheese and an apple for a snack

Kung Pao chicken for dinner. – I know!!!!

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3 Responses to In search of…. a Personal Trainer

  1. Kent H. says:

    Portion.. Portion.. Portion..???

    • karenmregan says:

        You know, I have food intolerances of mold so I shouldn’t eat mold based foods. Mushrooms, vinegars, wine, beer, olives….  CHEESE.   What do I eat every day?  Salad with cheese & vinegar dressing! I think I need to try and cut out these foods and see if that helps.  

  2. Hi I would check out global’s trainers. They are all great but each have something different to bring to the table. I currently train with Karen Marino twice a week we do mostly weight training as I type this I am sore as heck today, she gives me a great workout and I have noticed a difference in strenth and muscle tone.Karen isn’t usually in the gym at night though. I have trained with Kristen as well and she was a real stickler for nutrition. I was at my lowest weight ever when I trained with her so you might want to check her out.Depending on what your goals are your workouts can be tailored. Where I teach up to four Ride classes and I run I take care of my cardio that way. I need to be held accountable I will not go to the gym myself and workout I need a workout buddy or have found the Global Trainers fit the bill. Some people think trainers are expensive but I think of it as an investment in yourself !! I will admit I am having a huge struggle with my weight lately I feel like no matter what I do the scale will not budge and it my middle seems to be the one expanding.I am a big stress eater ! I would like a food buddy to hold myself accountable in that regard !! So maybe we are on to something ………….

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