Ah Choo

Has anyone else’s allergies been killing them lately?

 Wow, I know ragweed is always a trigger for me this time of year but this past week my eyes have been unbearably itchy. Last night I couldn’t stop sneezing and my whole sinuses just filled up. My eyes felt like they were really puffy and swollen and I can’t stop rubbing them.

Even poor Molly has allergies. Her eyes get very runny and she rubs them a lot. Dan rubs her eyes for her and she loves it. Poor girl!

 Unfortunately, this will probably be the norm until October when we get a frost. I have been taking Benadryl every night, but to be honest, not much works on my allergies. I started getting allergies in my 30’s. My family has always had them but I never had a problem until I hit my early to mid-30’s. Now it’s like clockwork every August when the ragweed comes out. The uncontrollable sneezes that hurt start, I can’t stop blowing my nose and I get frequent sinus headaches. Oh the fun!

Tomorrow, I am going to have a fun challenge for you. My friend, Pam, made brownies with black beans last night and said they were Yummy! She has always been resistant to try these because they sound so gross (and they do) but she tried them and fed them to her unsuspecting husband and he liked them.  She said they were a bit denser than normal brownies and you can’t eat too many, but she really raved about them. Pam asked me to make them and Blog about them but my house hold doesn’t eat sweets and they will sit around and go bad.

So, I had this fun idea to post the recipe and have YOU make them and let me know what you and your family think!

Silly, me forgot to get the recipe from Pam, though, so I’ll have to post it tomorrow. I can’t wait for you guys to try it and see what you all think.

Today, I worked from home which is always a challenge to eat.

I had a blueberry banana muffin top for breakfast

2 beef tacos for lunch- I did have the shells today

 peanut butter squares for a snack

Pork chop for dinner with corn on the cob

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3 Responses to Ah Choo

  1. Kent H. says:

    I take Claritin every day from early April thru the end of July.. I used to get hit in the spring a number of years ago, so started doing that and I do fairly well… Not sure if I out grew them or it is the Claritin that saves me, but I am not going to stop taking it to find out..!!!

  2. Kent says:

    Also Karen, Julie B. had mentioned those black bean brownies a while back and said they were surprisingly good.. obviously I asked her to bring some in, but sadly she did not come through for me..!!!

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