Cathedral of the Pines

 Oh my, what a picture perfect weekend! The weather was just as I like it and we had fun and busy weekend.

 On Friday night I met my friend Sue for dinner and a movie. We met at Uno’s and we each had a pizza. I had a pepperoni thin crust and would you believe that the roni had less calories than all the other pizza’s? Seriously? Eating out is just crazy calories.

 We saw the movie, The Way Way Back with Steve Carell.

It was “eh”. The movie was filmed in Marshfield and Duxbury, the area Sue lives in, so it was fun to see her neighborhood on screen but the plot itself fell flat. It got good reviews and a lady on the radio raved about it but both Sue and I weren’t that impressed.  I don’t see that many movies because I feel most movies aren’t all that great and this wasn’t an exception for me.

 But Sue and I had fun catching up and doing something fun and different together.

 Saturday was a gorgeous day and Dan had something to do. We did walk Molly in the park for a short walk first and then Dan was off. I decided it was too beautiful to stay inside so I took Molly on an adventure. We headed up to Ringe, NH to go to Cathedral of the Pines. It’s only about a 45 minute drive and its all pretty roads up there.

 What is it, you ask?

 It is a unique outdoor place of worship for people of all faiths, and memorial to the nation’s war dead. Cathedral of the Pines is a beautiful place of worship, but it isn’t overly religious if that makes sense.

  As I stepped out of the car the first thing I noticed was organ music playing. It was so beautiful to hear the music as Molly and I walked around. I went to the altar area first. There are many benches situated facing a big beautiful stone cross that has Mount Monadnock as the background. It is a gorgeous view. I have seen many a wedding here and it is spectacular.

Here are some pictures I took.



We sat for a little while on the bench (well, I did) and just took in the view. There weren’t many people there so we pretty much had the area to ourselves.

 Then Molly and I walked on the path around the grounds, I have been here many times but I never knew they had walking paths, gardens and a cemetery. There was even a pretty waterfall area.


This picture cracks me up!



We spent about 40 minutes walking around the beautiful areas dedicated to different people. I was afraid they wouldn’t let Molly on the grounds but I ran into another couple that also had a dog and he said he asked and they are now starting to let dogs come on the grounds. I was happy to hear that;  I hid behind a bush when I saw an employee sitting in a golf cart talking to some people. I felt better that we were “legal”.

 The best thing about this place is it is all free! We could have taken a lunch with us and eaten there. What a nice place for a picnic! I didn’t go in the cathedral because I had Molly but I have been in before and it is lovely.


Cathedral of the Pines is just a nice place to go for a quick ride and to be outside in a beautiful setting. I highly recommend it.

 When we got home we met Dan at the dog park and did our 2.5 miles around. Dan and I decoded to go to Johnson’s for a quick dinner. I had a BLT and Pepper rings. I wasn’t so good this weekend with my food.

 Sunday was another beauty of a day. No one came to the dog park so it was just me, Dan and Molls. We just did a short walk and we headed off to do errands. I came home and went out food shopping and clothes shopping, I got a great pair of pants and a sweater for fall. I LOVE fall clothes. Sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves….. Love ‘em.

 We headed back to the dog park and saw friends and then we had some beautiful Flounder that Dan cooked up. MM MM.

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you have a nice Monday.

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3 Responses to Cathedral of the Pines

  1. Kent says:

    You know.. I was taken to Cathedral of the Pines as a little boy, but had not been back since… after seeing this I really need to make an effort to visit it again.. Especially if it commemorates anything that has to do with the military…

  2. Molly is such a pretty a girl !! All smiles !!

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