Guess what’s coming back?

Hi everyone:
With the gorgeous fall weather coming; warm days, cool nights (my fav) there is something else coming that I look forward to every year at this time.
County Fairs!
There is nothing I like better than to walk around on a cool, crisp autumn/ indian summer day than a fair.  I love the smell of the food, the music, the people watching and I love the animals!
I always get fried dough at the fair. I never eat it but I do splurge at a fair. If it is served anywhere else (P-town) I won’t get it. To me, it is a fair only food. I don’t know…
Last year I brought my step son, Danny, to the Woodstock Fair in Ct.  As we were waiting for Danny to get fried Oreos (bleah) I noticed an SUV coming up the sidewalk and people yelling to get out of the way. I wondered who was getting the VIP treatment by arriving in a car and you’ll never guess who it was?
Tony Orlando
My friend, Kelly, told me he was coming but I totally forgot about it. I noticed the Fried Oreo booth was behind the stage and he was coming in the back way. The window to the SUV was down and he was waving and talking to fans. As soon as he got out he was rushed by all these women and he took pictures with them all. Danny asked me if I wanted to go over and get mine too but I said no. He was standing right there!  Still looked handsome too. I made Danny sit through Tie a Yellow Ribbon and Knock 3 Times. He had no idea who this dude was. Everyone else did, though, because the stadium was packed!
I love going in and looking at the pigs and rabbits. Have you seen some of these rabbits; they are huge! The piglets are adorable and I want to take them all home with me.
The games are rigged so you barely win ( I swear they pay people to walk around with  stuffed animals like they won them). Although, I used to go to the Barnstable County fair every year on the Cape and my boyfriend won me 2 huge stuffed animals that I had up until not that long ago!
I think fairs feel  very  Americana and make me feel like a kid again.
I went to the Deerfield Craft show last year for the first time ever. That was a fun fair more for women and not kids. Lots of crafts, jewelry, food…  No animals, games or rides.
 It was fun but not your typical county fair with greasy food, rides, animals smells and carnival people. I do highly recommend it though.
Go and feel like a kid again!
My quest for a trainer continues. I called 3 today and hopefully I can connect with one soon and I can tell you all about it.
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2 Responses to Guess what’s coming back?

  1. Kent H. says:

    I may have all ready mentioned this, but like you watched Tony Orlando, we were at the Big E 6 or so years ago and Lou Christie was performing that day and he payed a number of songs I remember my sisters playing in the mid 60’s… If you have never been to the Big E you all should go.. It is sort of the premier fair for New England..

    • karenmregan says:

      I have never been to the Big E! I have heard to go during the week, not the weekend so I’d have to take a day off but I know people love it. I really do love fairs. The Woodstock, Ct one is great and not that far away from me.

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