Come read what we stole


I decided to skip Yoga tonight at the gym and walk the dog in the dog park. It’s getting to be the time of the year where I agonize whether to go to the gym or enjoy the last beautiful days of summer. Tonight the dog park won.

 As I was walking with Nancy and Rosemary I was telling the story of how I went shopping with my Aunt recently. My aunt is a character and can be loose cannon. We were in TJ Maxx and we had separated for a few minutes. She came and found me and said she wanted to show me a shirt she had found that she kind of liked. As we approached the rack she couldn’t find the shirt and realized that a woman also at the rack had the shirt in her carriage!

My aunt says to me “she has my shirt. I am going to get it.” I sort of wondered off while Maggie sidled up to this woman. She says very loudly, “Karen, I can’t find my shirt. Oh, you have it in your cart.” Subtle, right? My aunt grabs the shirt out of her carriage and says,” do you mind if I show this to my niece? I just want to show it to her because I think she’d really like it. “


I am dying now and I hear Maggie tell the woman that she won’t take the shirt from her, but then asked her if she really wanted it! The woman, beaten down by now, tells her if I really have my heart set on it she’ll let me have it. So, Maggie shows me the shirt and asks if I like it, while giving me a hairy eyeball and daring me to say no. I say lamely, ‘yeah, it’s nice.” and Maggie yells to the woman, “She wants it- thank you.”

 OMG. She just stole this shirt from under this ladies’ nose. She probably thinks we’re crackpots. I think we’re crackpots.

 So, we wander around some more and my aunt asks if I really like the shirt. I told her since she just ripped it off from somebody she has to buy it now. Maggie asked me if I thought that was terrible and I said, ‘well, yeah.” Now she feels terrible and is looking for the woman to give it back to her. I think I see her and my aunt chases her down only to have it not be her. 

 We never found her and Maggie didn’t buy the shirt after all.

 Have you ever had anyone take something from you or have you ever taken anything from someone in a store?

 I was doing so well eating mostly protein today but after lunch a bag of Sun chips was screaming my name from my co-worker’s desk. She found them in the vending machine and told me to eat them any time I wanted them. I have resisted them for days but today I was sitting at my desk and minding my own business when all of a sudden I heard “Karen, Karen”. I looked to see who was calling me and it was the bag of Sun chips! They were just begging me to eat them and I had to comply.


The good news is they were only 210 calories and 9 grams of fat and whole grain so it could have been worse.

 What’s a girl to do? – Come check me out.

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2 Responses to Come read what we stole

  1. Kent H. says:

    I think calling Aunt Maggie a loose cannon is being generous.. Lol..!!

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