Market Basket hell

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Dan and I got talking this weekend and we both said that after household bills the rest of our paycheck we spend on gas and food.

I am not really a frivolous person. I can go window shopping and come home with nothing. I do it often. I don’t feel the need to spend or to buy something to make me happy. Matter of fact, I often talk myself out of things I don’t need.

I do buy a lot fruit, coconut water and other expensive food items.  I had heard that Market Basket is much cheaper than other stores so I decided to give it a try, with much trepidation. I have heard people on Face book say things like “Oh, boy about to go in Market Basket, look out.”

Look out indeed!

I think my first mistake was that I went on a Sunday afternoon. There were so many cars trying to get around the parking lot it was nuts. Probably because there were no parking places to be had! I have never walked so far to a store in my life.

So, I go in and I am in a line of people just trying to get in the door. I almost walked out right then. I didn’t, though, because I am determined to shop here once and see what the hoopla is about. It is wall to wall carts and waiting for people to move. I am getting a little claustrophobic because I am not used to shopping with so many people packed in looking at things.

Now, I don’t know where anything in this store is so I have to look up and down all the aisles. I get to the produce and they are out of strawberries. One main reason I am here is for the fruit. I grab the last pint of raspberries and a container of blueberries. I was looking for coconut water and I found some for $1.99. Ok, that’s a good price.

I take the 14 or so items I have and go to the registers. They are all chock full and I don’t see a 14 item or less line. I wait about 20 minutes to check out with 14 items and can’t get out of there fast enough. The check out girl was in no hurry and I finally got out and left spending $38.59.

I can’t shop packed in like sardines. It stresses me out. I could never understand the running of the brides at Filene’s Basement. How can you run and grab dresses, you size or not, and have people grabbing them from you. I just couldn’t do it.

I had to go to Target next and I got the same Driscoll raspberries for a dollar less at Target. The Gold peak ice tea I like was $2.00 at M.B and $2.04 at Target, but the coconut water I got was more expensive at M.B than at Target by a few cents.

My conclusion is that some things were definitely cheaper at Market Basket, but some weren’t! For a less stressful shopping experience I would rather pay the extra cents at Target and not walk a mile to the store, be jammed in the aisles and wait 20 minutes to get through the line.

What store do you like/dislike shopping at?

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5 Responses to Market Basket hell

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  2. Kent says:

    Hannaford.. They have better bran muffins.. Plus Mkt Basket can be hectic at times.. What you experienced seemed more an exception than the norm..!!

    • karenmregan says:

        I am sticking with hannaford and shaws. I keep hearing nightmare stories about M.B. I can’t be stressed out when i shop, I don’t care how much money I  may save. The years it takes off my life isn’t worth it!   

  3. Hi I agree Market basket is crazy it drives me nuts that they stock all the shelves during the day which makes the already small isles even smaller. I have found that the produce in MB isn’t that great either. I don’t like to feel stressed while Im shopping and MB makes me want to road rage my cart into someone. I like Target or Hannafords but not the one in Ayer.

    • karenmregan says:

      Glad it wasn’t just me. I know I am not good in crowds or lines but gheesh. Someone also told me they are famous for being cleaned out of produce on Sundays. Not a strawberry or raspberry to be found. I am sticking with Hannaford’s (in Townsend, I agree with you there)

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