Twitter and Pinterest – Help!

After much reading on how to broaden my readers on my Blog, Pinterest and Twitter kept coming up.


So, I signed up to Pin and tweet this weekend.

 I went on Pinterest and it was like shopping at Filene’s Basement to me. Over whelming to my eye and my brain couldn’t sort it all out. I looked around for a minute and then shut it down. I just didn’t get it. I made another attempt at it a little while later. Do I pin on my boards or other people’s boards? Do I just take things from other people’s boards and pin them on mine? 

I moved on to Twitter and that seemed to make more sense to me. I set up an account, put up my picture and a bio and tweeted.  So, who sees my tweet? How would anyone know to look for my tweet?  Does it just go out in this black space and somehow people see it? I did find some people that I am following and tweeted to them. Is that what I am supposed to do?  Do all of their followers see my tweet or just the person I tweeted to?

Maybe Twitter doesn’t make any more sense than Pinterest.  I don’t know. 


So, I shut these both down to try an experiment I saw on Pinterest (maybe it is helpful). If you have baggy eyes you take an egg white and brush it on your eye lid with a Q-tip.  I have very baggy eye lids (I take after my Dad) so I thought who better than me to try this. I sent Dan out to get eggs and yesterday morning I brushed some egg whites on my eye lids. I could feel them pulling the skin and it actually may have looked a little better.  It didn’t look like I had an eye lift or anything but I think it helped a bit. The article said she had to try it a couple of times to get it right. Silly me threw out the egg whites after I used a Q-tip full. I should have saved the whites and tried it again today.  I will do this another time and take before and after pictures. My camera batteries were dead so I wasn’t able to take pictures anyway.

Check out the experiment on my Board, I think!



I love fall clothes. This time every year I head out and hit the stores. I don’t know if it is a lingering effect from back to school shopping years ago, but I get the fever every August. I went to Marshalls last week while killing time waiting for a friend. I saw a Michael Kors shirt that I kind of liked, not loved. It was navy and white striped (sort of nautical looking) and it had a zipper down the front and ruching around the bust. Ok, so far. What I wasn’t sure about was the pull of the zipper. It was kind of big with MK on it and it looked more like a medal than a zipper pull. To top it off, it was gold!  I don’t know about this. A big freakin’ gold zipper on a nautical shirt? I left it behind but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went to another TJ Maxx and could only find the black and white version but this had a silver zipper.

Much better! Tell me what you think? Does the zipper pull look ginormous?



I found a chicken recipe that I am going to try this week. I am going to modify it a little to make it healthier. I’ll let you know the results. 

I haven’t been writing much what I am eating because it is seriously the same every week. Steak, fish, pork chops, hamburgers, tacos….. Do you guys eat the same thing every week?

I have wondered though if all the chocolate covered almonds I have been eating are bad for me? I eat a lot of them but justify it by saying almonds are good for you and so is dark chocolate. I eat about 15 a day. Is that too many? Maybe they are making me fat.

Question of the day?

Do you use Twitter or Pinterest?  Did you find them hard to use at first?

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