Dedication to Christy


 Hi Christy! Image

Our Spin teacher, Christy, hurt her foot so she will be unable to teach for a few weeks while it heals. Here is some of Tuesday night Spin class waving hello and wishing her well. Take it easy and get well soon! 

 Lindsay took over tonight and I have to admit. I was a little scared at first. 

We did Spin with the main lights off and just small blue ones, like on a boat, were left on. You could still see enough but it was very calming. I have to say I liked doing Spin with the lights down low. Not that I worry about people watching me, but it just took away any distractions you might have and you just zoned out. 

She is very high energy and called people names like brother, baby, and I think even once, babycakes? Lindsay is very encouraging and I liked that she would say ” it’s only for 30 seconds, you can do it”. She complimented Kent’s form so we know he’s a fan!

She even got off the bike for a track and sat on a bike with the rest of us. Lindsay asked for everyone’s name and called them out accurately during class in an encouraging manner.

It was a really different and motivating class. Kent even pointed out that I was sweating tonight. Guess I usually don’t?

Anyway, great job. Lindsay.


A note from as a Life Coach:

 It saddens me that recently in the news is several famous young people taking their own lives. These men and women “seemed” to have it all and yet something must have been missing that they would take their own lives. These are famous people that we hear about, but what about the millions of other people out there that have done the same that we didn’t hear about? I just want to say to please be kind to each other. You NEVER know what people are going through and obviously can’t always tell from appearances.  It seems like suicide is becoming more and more prevalent in young people today. Please just stop and think before you say something to someone. Try to smile and  be kind. You never know who might need it. I am also going to do the same.  I don’t want to read about any more people feeling hopeless and taking an irreversible action that leaves their family and friends devastated.



Gia Allemand                                                    Lee Thompson Young




 For the past few months I have been buying a roasted chicken at the grocery store. You can get them nice and hot and when I bring it in the house Molly’s mouth is watering and her nose is in the air.  I can’t say that I blame her because it smells so good. I love these roasters because the meat is super tender and it is already cooked for me. I use these chickens for many things as they are so versatile.

chicken salad


chicken pot pie




 Personal Trainer Search Update

 I spoke with one at home trainer and I thought the price was high. They also come to your house to do the training. I don’t really have the room in any of my rooms the way they are set up so that isn’t going to work. She also doesn’t deal with nutrition which is a big part that I am looking for.

 Another trainer only works Mother’s hours from 5:30 – 2 Monday through Friday so that doesn’t help me either. It’s too bad because she had exactly what I am looking for.

 I am still trying to reach a trainer from Global but we keep missing each other. maybe the 3rd time will be the charm to find a trainer?

 Question of the day? What do you do with roasted chickens? (keep it clean people)

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